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It was a thoroughly enjoyable day today, though I've been nursing a really bad headache for the past couple of hours so I guess I am being punished for having such a good day. It's like Louisa May Alcott just dropped into my life. At least I don't have to scrub the floors, too.

Right, my head hurts too much to type more, so I leave you with this fabulous site. You can't get better than Sheep Poo Paper.

I bought books, lots of them. I'll tell you more about them later.
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Therefore, no morbid end of the year post! Just think, last year at this time I was in a hotel on Kent Island with my parents, exhausted, after a long drive down from NY with the weight of finding an apartment, a car, and everything in between ahead of me. Look how far I've come! And all of my LJ friends that I've now met in person (or made friends with at the stage door) all in one year. I'm a very lucky girl!

But, now I'm off for some Monty Python fun! Hopefully. Unless Jess doesn't really want me to visit her for the fourth day in a row (oo, that's scary!).

Happy new year's, everyone!
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That's all I'm going to say. Well, I guess I could say, "I am Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance. Love me! Adore me! And all of my greasy, sweaty sexiness." But then you would know just how mad I am.

Happily, I am back to sanity.

::frolics after French men::
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Though, more important are birthday wishes to my special little, big sister [ profile] talissarocsham! I hope you had a wonderful day.

My suprise trip of the day? Well, in my way into Safeway to buy some cottage cheese, I was stopped in the parking lot by a couple from church, and I was invited to attend an organ concert with them tonight in an old church. And, um, the old church was the sell for me! From the early 18th century, complete with fun little enclosed pews that you have to step up to get into and brick floors. Plus, in the main sanctuary area, they don't have electricity, but rely on candlelight. Now isn't that fun?

And, another thing I realized. Well, maybe it is just a coincidence, and probably is. We were walking towards the church from the rectory, and I was suddenly overwhelmed by a very familiar smell. Something that reminded me of Fredericksburg. And then it hit me that we were walking past the graveyard, and I was probably smelling death. Or at least something that grows in cemeteries.

I didn't go to the bar and get $.50 beers and then walk into the library dead drunk and cause mischief. Maybe next year! I did go to the library, however, to return a book.
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On a whim, I decided that I did not want to watch Flags of our Fathers tonight while eating ice cream, and decided to watch one of the lovely Japanese musicals [ profile] lamath recently sent me. I really wasn't in the mood for watching people I would grow to like in the first hour of the movie, only to watch them die tragically (you see, I read the book last year, and it's uncomfrotable to stare at someone and know that their time is limited). Unfortunately, I did realize how tragic Rose of Versailles is, for that is what I decided on.

For the first twenty or so minutes, I was like, "Is that Marie Antoinette?", or is that her, no... wait, that one must be her! And then I finally looked up the synopsis, only to discover that it really isn't all about Marie Antionette at all, but, instead, about a girl called Oscar. And now I just watched the tragic ending of Andre, Oscar's loyal servant who had just informed Oscar that he was in love with her. The poor boy. At least they get buried together, or so the synopsis says. I wish there were English subtitles, it would make things so much easier!

I also just won an Ebay auction, something I haven't even tried to do for years. But, I got a first edition (though, library edition) Sally Watson book (Highland Rebel, her first) for only $12.57 (that includes shipping) so I am pretty happy with my talents, as that is cheaper than the newer softcovers that look as if they would fall apart with a little prodding. Plus, it's one that I have never read. Double the bonus! There, that is my Valentine's Day treat for myself. Another would be to have a snow day on either Tuesday or Wednesday. But, apparently the library stays open even during hurricanes, so the chances of having a snow day is nill. Pity.

I was all set for another Saturday night alone, when I received a phone call from Julie asking me if I would like to go to the new pizza resturant in town (which happened to be the one I went to with Bryan) with her because her husband has been in Richmond the past few days playing percussion for a ballet. I said, "sure!" of course. And it was nice. I discovered that she likes musicals, though not of the recent variety. I need to burn her a copy of Jane Eyre, because it is literary, afterall. Maybe she would like it. And, also Shakespeare! She didn't realize that they were having a Shakespeare festival in DC, so maybe she will go check that out. After eating, she said she needed to go to the outlet mall for a pair of jeans, and invited me along. So, I went. I bought a new sweater (not pink, but dark orange) for under $12 at Bass. Super sale!

Oh, I also stopped by Kmart to buy Girl Scout cookies from Tammy's daughter, and then completely forgot to pick up index cards. I'm such a slacker. But, I did get a box of Tagalongs! However, I didn't make cookies like I was going to do yesterday. I also need to get milk, and am hoping that there will still be some left on the shelf by tomorrow after work. Hopefully there won't be a run on essentials at the grocery store. It's not like it is going to be a horrible storm, right? I should have gone out today.

I did, however, talk to all of my family on the phone today.
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A certain friend of mine has requested that her name no longer reside in my LJ. Thus, I have attempted to replace her name with, "She Who Will Not Be Named". If you feel equally violated, and wish your name removed from this blog, please let me know!

Or, if you would rather be called by a different name. Now is your chance!
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[ profile] readenglnd wants you all to know that I am currently on the phone with her. That is all.

Oh, and this late at night, she cracks me up. Hilarious.

Ooo, and now we are fighting about the Yankees vs the Mets.

And she gets to kidnap see Graham Abbey next week. So jealous!

PSA #68

Apr. 9th, 2006 09:41 pm
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[ profile] sampaguita_blue, I lied! If you couldn't tell by now. I'm not going to be able to get online tonight due to the necessity of studying for an exam I have tomorrow. I really can't afford to do badly, as this is the class of my really bad paper, so I must do brilliantly tomorrow. I will try tomorrow, if you think you'll be around. I'm so sorry.

Carol, if you read this in the near future, would you mind giving me a call to let me know what exactly your plans are for when you come here for your conference. I know Christine was out straight when she was at her conference in Florida, so I'd just like to know if you think there is actually any time that we can get together so I can plot out my schedules for paper writing. I was going to try to call tonight, but see above message, and the fact that you are usually out eating/shopping/seeing a new Broadway show on your evenings off. Thanks.

Oh, and Brittany has now gotten me into Fruits Basket. Once again by having only volume #1, so she gets me attached to the weird plot and characters and then *poof!* I never get to find out what happens next. I suppose that's what imaginations are for, right?

And, studying...
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I think something is wrong with me. But if I think too much on it, like I did this morning, I might almost pass out again. So I won't. And deny a potential problem might exist. That's just how I live my life. I don't like going to the doctor's.

It is also bitterly cold. I went out with Jen to the BPL this afternoon. She had to return books. We were going to go to the Longwood Starbucks and CVS, but since we didn't want to walk that way in the cold, went to their conterparts near Copley. We were crossing the street to Starbucks and Jen lost her favorite hat thanks to the wind. I didn't notice until too late that she had gone running back and had chased it into the street we had just crossed. Luckily, she caught up with it and was not run over by oncoming traffic. A little of Michael's traffic frolicking ability must have rubbed off. Safely reunited, we had some hot drinks to warm us up before heading out in the cold again. I'm very sad that they don't have Chanticos anymore. I only had one once, but it was chocolatly goodness! Their hot chocolate does not compare at all. At CVS, I bought soap.

Tonight, we mocked Van Helsing. Oh gosh! It is Sam West! I really thought it was him as Frankenstein, but Jen had no idea. Too bad he got sucked dry. David Wenham as Carl was probably the best thing about the movie. "But I don't want to go to Transylvania." I'm glad he survived. Whenever I saw Dracula, I kept saying "Good evening" in the hope that he would say it. But he never did. Jen was disappointed to find out that she missed half of the James Blunt concert they had on tv because we were watching the movie.

Tomorrow I have lots of work to do. For as you see, I didn't do all that much work today at all.
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Um, don't ask. Just look at the icon. Hopefully I will come up with a prettier one soon.
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I had a lovely book discussion with Laura during lunch today. We seem to have similar tastes in books, and I was able to recommend several titles and authors to her that she had not heard of previously. I showed her some of my books and she seemed to be eager to read them, though at present, she is occupied with five other books she had recently borrowed from the BPL.

When I went to pick up my laundry from the basement (oh, I can't help but think about the stairs), I ran into a new GSLIS student. When did I become so jaded about the GSLIS, and more specifically, the archives program? For that is what she is planning to study, and I don't think I was completely gushing about it. She did seem nice enough, though, and her name was quite like a friend of mine from college, except I think that it was her first name, and not first and last.

Jen and I took in the view at Bartol tonight, and dreamed of a new workout video designed around that experience. Since we already have planned the Museum/Art Gallery and Librarian workout videos. And did you know that Bartol has their own special chicken salad? Well, we didn't until tonight, but since it had the name "Bartol" in the title, we felt it would be risky to try it out. We later went to Quadside (not just to look at our empty mailboxes), but also to buy some string cheese, which really wasn't what I was planning on purchasing, but I haven't had it in years, and who am I to resist cheese?

And Jen's supposed away message for our weekend (if you want to know what we will be doing):

I'm sorry that I cannot take your call, but I am currently in the control room plotting out how to seperate the choice meat from the rest of the herd. If you are on the Ryan Seacrest List, and believe me, that is not a compliment, do not expect to hear back from me.
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I was thinking the other day (ok, maybe not the best opening sentence, I hope I think more often than just days ago!). But no matter how overwhelmed I have been feeling this past semester, I'm still feeling. I feel happy and sad, worried and relief, bliss and despair. Three years ago, I was numb. Most of you didn't know me then (thank goodness, eh), but nobody really understood that mad crazy withdrawal I was going through. I just kept going deeper and deeper within myself, hiding behind a happy facade and overwork. I barely slept and wished for an end. An end that I knew I shouldn't want, so I just told myself to "hold on".

What brought me out of it? I think it started the day I sobbed my way into NYC on the LIRR with Christine. And then later that summer when I broke down on a walk around the neighborhood with my Mom when I finally admitted after all of those years that I suffered depression (and she admitted to me that she suffered a severe bout of it the first year after she was married). I suppose confession is good for the soul, for slowly I've become more normalized and better (whatever that is).

I'm sure you are wondering why I'm bothering to say this. You've all heard it before. Haha, maybe I shouldn't think on random days. Or at all.

But, no. My friends, indeed I am blessed by some of the greatest friends ever. I never had friends who understood me in high school. And now it seems I have an abundance. I've already told Meredith this, but it seems like for the first time in ever so long I have friends who are willing to step up to bat for me, are concerned. Love me even when I make mistakes, laugh with me (and at me) when I act idiotic. And while I want to yell at them to stop making a fuss about me because I am doing just fine, part of me is ridiculously happy that I have friends who care that much, who are willing to act my mother, if you will. So sappy, yes? But, I do love you all. And I'm glad to be alive and to feel.
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I have the best friends in the world. I really do! I love you all. You should be told that, and often.

Thanks for your words of encouragement in my last post. And thank you for sticking with me, even though I have my moments.

As far as dropping a course to make my life easier, I really can't. I would lose money and would have to stick around in grad school for another semester, something I really don't want to do. So I am stuck. But my outlook on life is much better at this moment. Maybe because my book review is finished, and although it might not be the best cookie in the cookie jar, I think it is alright. Or maybe it is because of Julie Andrews.

But more on that later. I'm too tired tonight.

Bon soir, mes amies!


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