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I have a brand new pair of American Duchess Tavistock Victorian Button boots that are looking for a new home. I bought them a couple of years ago, but never had a place to wear them. Since having Emmy, I sadly no longer fit into them. I know that they currently retail for $230, but I would really just like to recoup my original cost of $150 plus shipping.

They are a size 6 regular calf.

If you know anyone who is looking for a good deal on these boots in that size, please send them my way!

Photos! )
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I accidentally fell into this one. I was already halfway done when I realized that the challenge was the colour brown, so why not say I did it, right? At this point, I'm as big as a barn so am not sewing for myself until I can figure out what size I may become after baby comes. But, since I now spend my evenings with my legs elevated and icing my ankles, I can do a bit of hand sewing. I've been meaning to try [ profile] jenthompson's Regency turban cap tutorial for a while now and I had supplies handy, so went for it.

Here is the results!

Okay, picture quality is dubious, it looks better in person, really. )

Since Matt laughed so much at the poofy turban look, I also tacked it down in the back a la Jen, so now it is a pleasingly small turban. I like it. The feathers need a bit of work, but it is what I have on hand at the moment. It isn't like I actually have a place to wear it. Hopefully maybe Pumpkin Tea? If I can get away then. We shall see!

The Challenge: Colour Challenge Brown

Fabric: Brown velvet

Pattern: Festive Attyre's Regency turban cap tutorial

Year: Regency

Notions: Straw hat, ostrich feathers, gold trim, brown thread

How historically accurate is it? Methods may not be, but I was pleased with how it turned out.

Hours to complete: 4-6? Not quite sure, I worked on it when I iced my ankles

First worn: Haven't yet had the opportunity.

Total cost: Probably about $5.
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Is anyone else going to the Shakespeare Theatre costume sale this year? Or, the Bazaar as they are calling it this year. I've found some fun things for the Renaissance Faire there in the past (among other treasures).

Info here!

Hopefully I'm not the only one going!
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I am happy to announce that we are having a girl! And she is still the same fierce kicker she was at 12 weeks. Everything is healthy and progressing as it should.

I guess my only problem is trouble with sleeping. The last few nights I've had lower back pain. And last night not only did I have the stabby sternum pain of probably my ribs/muscles stretching, I also ended up with a painful Charlie horse that still aches me. I know, "oh woe is me". I guess sleep is a thing of the past.

But, we are thrilled to pieces over our "lady baby". Of course, we would have felt the same if it were a boy. Now we just need to figure out a good name for her. One that isn't Meatball.
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There could be a reason why I am a librarian. Order. You couldn't tell from our apartment at the moment (it is a complete disaster), but I am actually a fan of having things in their proper place. Matt bought a storage bin to put our important papers in order, and seeing how amazing it looked, I promptly insisted that I get one for my patterns. Which then turned into two. I have one that is my historical patterns up to the 1950s (these are commercial, but they are ones I have used). So most of them are oversized and I have made pattern pieces for them so I have them in vertical file folders- all in date range. The other box is my commercial patterns going from the 1940s to 1980s (yes, I have a few underthings patterns someone donated to the library from the 80s). Plus the retro/"historical" commercial patterns I've picked up on sales.

The patterns that I love and want to make the most all seem to come from the 40s/early 50s. I had forgotten how much I like some of them. If only I could make them right now- as in, if only I could fit into them right now. But, I seem to expand day. I have a co-worker who has decided to call me "fatty". Ugh. But, it is all for a good cause.

Things I want to make. )

I need to finish my Regency pelisse so I can put up my sewing machine until after the move. Sewing goals, I have them. Though now it is becoming more of a moving goal. But, I figure the pelisse should hopefully be useful to me in the fall when a high waisted coat would be nice to have with my belly.
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Shopping at the new Goodwill in Edgewater, I came across a roll of red stripey silk. It was marked $12, but they magically sold it to me for $10. Now the question is, what should I make with it? There is about 5 1/2 yards of it and about 54" wide. Suggestions?

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March and April edition. Because I'm that far behind.


The Challenge: Stashbusting - Robe a la Francaise

Fabric: Brown silk

Pattern: Mix of draping and the Larkin & Smith English Gown pattern

Year: mid-1700s

Notions: silk thread, trim, pearls

How historically accurate is it? Well, with the exception of the lining, it is all hand sewn

Hours to complete: Too many to recall. The problem was that I worked on it over the course of a couple months- I got pregnant after starting it and was tired all the time (yay! first trimester). Got it done the day before the event. Phew!

First worn: March 28th, 2015 for the Francaise Dinner in Alexandria.

Total cost: $9 for dress fabric silk (re-purposed three silk curtains from a thrift store), $5 for silk for trim I found at a red tag sale at Joanns (surprised how nicely it matched), $6 for silk thread, $9 for pearl beads/decorations. The total being: $29. How much of it was stash? Both fabrics were purchased the previous year with the intention of the curtains to be made into a Francaise dress, the other silk just because I thought I could use it, half of the decorations were stash leftovers from broken jewelry bits I didn't use in the centers of my flowers, the other half was purchased new, as was the thread.

Photo of dress )


The Challenge: War and Peace - Because needs must, I took a different look at this theme. I was planning on going to Fort Frederick Market Fair and needed something to wear that would fit. Being pregnant, my body was at war with itself (or at least with stays), so I adapted something to work for me. This meant I finally completed the first pair of corded short stays I had started two years ago and had abandoned being too big for me, and made a new jacket and petticoat.

Fabric: Pink cotton sheet for the jacket, lining fabric taken from the underside of the duvet cover I used for the petticoat fabric (it was Matelasse cotton). All I need to do to finish the stays was to finish the binding and put eyelets in.

Pattern: Stays were from the Sense and Sensibility pattern, I used jacket pattern A from the J.P. Ryan jacket patterns, and the petticoat was from practice. I took inspiration from this post at Arachne Attire.

Year: 18th century

Notions: Self-fabric buttons, ribbon for stay closure, pink and cream thread, binding fabric for stays.

How historically accurate is it? Well, considering it was a mixture of 18th century clothing with Regency stays, I'm actually well pleased with how it turned out. And it was super comfortable to wear all day- with the exception that my petticoat did want to slide down and had no proper stay shaping at the bottom to help keep it in place. Just my stomach which did not provide the correct shape at all. It was also almost all done by machine sewing.

Hours to complete: Grabbed a few hours here and there over the course of two weeks. Finished day of due to being slow and discovering that the petticoat fabric would be a bit too thick after the pleating to be done by machine, so hand-sewed the pleating down and binding.

First worn: April 25, 2015.

Total cost: $3 for pink sheet, $10 for duvet cover, $5 for sundry trim/binding tape/etc.

Pic of outfit )

So, I've been very please with my accomplishments so far this year. It is going to get trickier, however, from here on out, learning what to sew for this changing body.
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So, after poking at all of my vintage patterns repeatedly, I think I've decided what my next project will be. The goal being to create something that is work appropriate (i.e. of an era that, while vintage, can still be worn on a daily basis) and has a zipper because I need to learn how to put one of those in. Yes, I know, shocking! I've been sewing for over a year now and I still don't know how to sew a zipper. But, I have yet to foray into more recent eras that actually used zippers. And, really, this lack of knowledge is holding me back. I am going to conquer this and then we'll see what happens.

So, the pattern I am going to use is an Anne Adams pattern from the 40s (#3967). I haven't be able to find a picture of it online, but I do like it and it is, I think, mostly my size. I may need to size down a little bit, but hopefully that won't be too difficult. All the parts are there, except for the original collar. Whoever owned the pattern drafted their own one-piece collar as opposed to the two piece collar of the original. After making a good portion of my niece's mermaid costume, I am feeling the sewing mojo coming back to me. I kind of burned out getting the 20s and 18th century done. Speaking of which, I owe people pictures from that.

But, now I think it is time for bed. More later!
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I just strapped myself into everything to test out the final fit of my jacket with the addition of the stomacher. I also made a new bumroll, but my petticoat seems to work okay with it. So now it is on to petticoat #2!

Hopefully it looks okay.

Here are some pictures. )
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So, the countdown is really starting to build. What is it? Two and a half weeks until the 20s ball and the 18th century tavern day? Well, I feel like I am going to make it (and not have to wear any part of a chain-mail outfit of shame).

Here's the update!

First, the 1920s.

My dress is, for the most part, complete. I still need to trim down the netting layer, and, if possible, add a bit of beading to it. That is kind of my "if I have time" then yay(!), but otherwise, it is ready to wear for the ball.

Woodland Fairy comparison )

So, here it is in comparison to the original. I don't think I fared too badly, though it appears that as short as the upper skirt feels to me, it was apparently shorter on the original. Well, nobody needs to see me flash anyone, right? No embroidery (for now). I will most likely pick up a flower pin from H&M for my waist, just to jazz it up a bit more and give me a bit more colour (will be orange, hopefully like the orange in the necklace).

Ah, accessories.

I bought a pair of earrings off of ebay (well, that's where I got the necklace and the celluloid hair comb I'll be using. The earrings match very well with the dress. And I now wear my comb on a regular basis (truth, I actually bought two and wear both of them on a regular basis). As for my purse, I believe I will use the one that I got for free yesterday. It isn't from the 20s, but it is a vintage beaded purse. I was in a consignment shop yesterday with my parents and was pointing out this adorable wooden painted purse to my mom when my dad was like "how about this one?". Except, it didn't have a price. I asked and the lady was all "well, today is your lucky day! I'll throw it in for free with what you're buying (it was a scone pan)". So, we like free. Even if it isn't quite right. It is still big enough for my insulin pens. Yay! Oh, and don't want to forget, my American Duchess 23Skidoos!

Accessories! )

And then I have my 18th century outfit to build.

I have my stays done and a bum roll. My jacket needs eyelets and a stomacher. I'll pretty jazzed about my jacket, actually. It went together like a dream- even the sleeves (and I always say if I created a costume blog it would be called "I Suck at Sleeves"). And it was my first time working with stripes. And, for the most part, I believe I did a pretty good job matching them. Or at least I did the best I could as far as a talentless hack can get. The jacket fabric I got from a seat cover. Not too bad.

Progress pictures )

Tomorrow evening I am free! Yes, that's right. I dropped my pointe class. And, I really don't feel all that bad. Actually, you know it is a sign that maybe your dancing career is done when you are standing in class thinking to yourself "well, one class down, 39 (or thereabouts) left to go". Yeah, maybe I should just not do it completely. I'm sure it will get better. It just has to.

So, what should I sew tomorrow? My stomacher? Finish my first petticoat? Both? I'm going to be busy on Thursday night, so have to make a great effort to do something because I don't want to fall too far behind [ profile] mmebahorel in this whole getting ready for a double event weekend (exhausting!). Especially as I won't have Thursday or Friday of this week for anything. I still need to make 2-3 petticoats, my pockets, a cap, a fichu. It almost seems overwhelming, but, I know I can do it, right? At least my feet will look great with my American Duchess shoes even if the rest of me is falling apart.

Now, perhaps to bed as my parents are leaving at 3 in the morning and I said I would see them off.
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I've been working on my Regency dress bodice all night long. It's the "red spot" bodice from Jean Hunnisett's Period Costumes from Stage and Screen. Does this look about right? Adding in the gathers at the top and bottom really helped the fit. Of course, I can't quite tell how well it fits in the back. The problems of living by oneself.

Picture here, maybe )

We might have to go with "good enough", eh?
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I have birthday money. I need to get some sort of medical alert jewelry (preferably before I go flitting off to P-burgh next month). What do you all think of this one: (and, like the one in the first picture)

If it is something that I have to wear every day, I am just not enthused by the ones you find at the pharmacy.
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Sun King died today. No, not the man (or at least I hope not). I walked in my apartment today and instantly noticed that something was wrong in my fish tank. There was poor little Sun King floating around quite unnaturally on his side with Zorro and Olympia sometimes poking at him. I'm not sure what got him. He didn't appear to be sick. I had noticed a decline in the past few days of his movement, but compared to Tashi, he went really fast. Perhaps it was old age. So now the "Highlander" competition continues. Who will be the last to go? At the moment, Sun King is on ice awaiting burial at the library. I called Lynn to see if she could bring in her trusty trowel tomorrow. No burial at sea for my little Sun King.

I really wish he hadn't died. Isn't that silly getting so attached to a fish. But, I have had him for over a year now. I suppose I should be pleased that he lasted this long.



Oct. 25th, 2010 09:42 pm
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I know that it is Arena, but a production that has Nehal and now has Eleasha Gamble as the lead? Maybe we must to see this.

Though, there is still Henry to work out, too. So many exciting things to see over the rapidly approaching holiday season.
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But, here, [ profile] mmebahorel, it does have men in regimentals and new borders for the UK. Though I am most disappointed that our favorite bit is not included (though you can't condense all twelve acts into a ten minute clip, I suppose).

ETA: And, just ordered the script. I am such a geek sometimes.
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Dear Amazon,

Seriously, Amazon? The shipping estimate you give me for Mockingjay is the 30th? I have to wait six whole days beyond the magic release date for you to get your act together and ship it to me? This is like Harry Potter release, only more exciting to me. I pre-ordered this with the thought that you would have it to me right after it was released (like HP). You do realize that I'm going to have to avoid all internet for days just in case I stumble across a spoiler. Because I do not want to be spoiled!

Now I'm tempted to cancel my order and go across the bridge to Borders to buy a copy there. Gah!

No love at all,

Yes, I sound like a whiny fanbrat. Oh well.
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You know, if they are going to make the Michael Ball Show, they really ought to get cracking on the Dave Willetts Show. Who wouldn't want to see that?

Hopefully they will at least get Dave Willetts as a guest. He can add that to his bio.
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Zorro has metamorphosed into... Sun King? He's finally lost all of his black spots (I had been noticing them disappear though first I thought it was all in my head) and now I'm finding it difficult to tell him apart from Sun King. Except, I really think looking back on my old pictures of the two of them, that Zorro is now more gold than Sun King. Who would have guessed?
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I am so going to pass out halfway through this production, aren't I? But look at the wigs Chris and Sam get to wear. Joy!

Tell me Sam doesn't look a little like Hermione in her wilder hair days at Hogwarts:

P.S. I'd totally shop Erin's dress:


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