Oct. 25th, 2010 09:42 pm
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I know that it is Arena, but a production that has Nehal and now has Eleasha Gamble as the lead? Maybe we must to see this.

Though, there is still Henry to work out, too. So many exciting things to see over the rapidly approaching holiday season.
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But, here, [livejournal.com profile] mmebahorel, it does have men in regimentals and new borders for the UK. Though I am most disappointed that our favorite bit is not included (though you can't condense all twelve acts into a ten minute clip, I suppose).

ETA: And, just ordered the script. I am such a geek sometimes.
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You know, if they are going to make the Michael Ball Show, they really ought to get cracking on the Dave Willetts Show. Who wouldn't want to see that?

Hopefully they will at least get Dave Willetts as a guest. He can add that to his bio.
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I am so going to pass out halfway through this production, aren't I? But look at the wigs Chris and Sam get to wear. Joy!


Tell me Sam doesn't look a little like Hermione in her wilder hair days at Hogwarts: http://www.signature-theatre.org/hires_images/sweeneytodd/TODD_201.JPG

P.S. I'd totally shop Erin's dress:
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Maybe I shouldn't have done it, but, I just bought a ticket to see The Golden Age at the Kennedy Center for the March 12th showing. That's a Friday, so it is one less Friday I have to see Orestes. But, it was Jeffrey Carlson and Marc Kudisch! I mean, I attempted to stalk Marc Kudisch by not seeing him but getting all the playbills of shows he was in, so it is about time I stalk his sweaty person in person. Darn, if only I had remembered that detail when I bought my ticket.

Now, on to finish packing!
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...I must be thinking of Sam Ludwig as Martin and James Gardiner as Crostini. Because they are comic gold. Or something like. Jess and I went to see Matt Conner's children show, Martin: The King of Pizza on Saturday night. Despite crazy traffic on the beltway (I was rushing there after work), we managed to get there with plenty of time to spare. And time to lament the fact that we did not kidnap an art deprived child or two to drag to the show to make us blend in better with those around us.

With the wisdom of a short person, I sat us squarely in the center of the front row (we were the first through the gates), only to realize that, well frankly, I actually wasn't the shortest person at this show. We ended up giving up our prime seats to smaller children and moved back into the second row.

The show operates under the simple idea that Martin, who at age 10 just completed King Training University (or College?), has come home and intends to celebrate his birthday. Nobody attends but his old friend Rosemary (who likes to go operatic on us) played by Lani Novak Howe. So he decides to disguise himself (hmm, must have left the knot in there from a previous disguise attempt) and ride throughout his kingdom to determine why nobody came. Along the way, he meets a dairy worker (Florrie Bagel), a butcher (Jennifer Soto Benson), and a baker (James Gardiner). They are all pretty much tricked into going to the castle where they all meet, all hate each other, and suddenly, poof! all of their ingredients are thrown into the fire and it comes out as pizza. It's the best birthday ever!

The cast was all wonderfully fun and very energetic. I can't imagine the kind of energy used up by Florrie and Sam during their "Extraordinary Dairy" routine. That must have been quite a workout! James was asked if he was French because one lady thought his accent was so good (though apparently some kids have told him otherwise). Sam also told us that one kid asked him if he was ten and Sam said, no that he was twelve. And the kid kind of believed him. Oh children.

This was followed up by a visit to the local "pub" in Silver Springs. They have cider. Cider, we learned, that we can actually get in a pitcher for those nights that we don't have to drive. Sweet!
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Don't worry, it's almost over now. Just one more post after this one.

Not according to plan )

Other than Marie dumping a glass of water on my pants, it was a very enjoyable trip to NYC yesterday. I enjoyed both shows we saw (August: Osage County and The Blue Flower)And, since I have the day off tomorrow, be prepared for an actual post! Oh, shocking!


Dec. 17th, 2007 10:12 pm
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Who is this Andrew C. Call, and what have you done to Charlie Brady? So fine, I guess I saw him in High Fidelity, but why does Playbill say he's in Glory Days but the Signature website has pictures of Charlie?

So confused...
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I know I want to see this: http://www.tbpac.org/media/myfairlady.html

Probably not in Tampa, however.

I went to a baseball game tonight with Julie. It was the Bowie Baysox vs. the Conn something team. Bowie won. I don't think I was eaten by my lovers bugs. We did, however, see a giant praying mantis. It was bird-size huge.

Now I'm tired!


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