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Ahhh!!! The return of stick figure stories. This one is dedicated to [ profile] mmebahorel. It attempts to explain just how Feuilly ended up a fanmaking orphan in Paris. One with a curious knowledge of guns. Who knows if it will work or even make sense! Hope you like it Jess!

And so our tragedy begins... )

I read Catherine Gilbert Murdock's Princess Ben today (which I have unchecked out from the library because when I requested it through ILL it didn't come and the patron it did come for didn't pick it up before closing on Saturday, so...) and really loved it. It's a perfect blend of fairy tales all with a new twist. Though, I did figure out a bit of the ending and some things before. I prefer to think I am just smart. Plus, one of the character's was named Florian. ♥ Florian ♥ Ok, he was our French exchange boy I was madly in love with years ago.
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Happy really late birthday to [ profile] alligatorandme!!!!

Yes, this is your birthday cartoon from 2006, I would say based on content. It is what could happen if Lestat ran into the Broadway revival of Les Miserables. Or at least a certain cast member (and no, not Trafton).

And featuring our very own alligatorandme! )

And so ends the Lestat Chronicles. Dun dun dun.
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And here is the concluding chapter in Lestat's second adventures. Hope you liked this little story!

Lestat is in trouble )

Today I did minor things like going for an hour long walk- since it was sort of nice. Except, a storm was a-brewing and I managed to make it back to my car right before the rain came. And then hail came. I attempted to go unwillingly to ballet class, but it turned out that it was canceled as our instructor has the flu. But, at least now she knows I made the effort to go!
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Don't worry, it's almost over now. Just one more post after this one.

Not according to plan )

Other than Marie dumping a glass of water on my pants, it was a very enjoyable trip to NYC yesterday. I enjoyed both shows we saw (August: Osage County and The Blue Flower)And, since I have the day off tomorrow, be prepared for an actual post! Oh, shocking!
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This is all new stuff. So totally rockin'.

The plan becomes quite clear after all. )
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Happy birthday, [ profile] shawk!!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Some old images, and breaking into new Lestat ground today. I'm so proud of myself.

Welcome home, little Lestat )
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Wow, I am so utterly tired. I don't know what is wrong with me (you know I'm thinking, mono? cancer? what?). But, I could barely keep my eyes open the last few hours of work. I practically fell asleep as our boss was informing us of road conditions. Never a good sign. Needless to say, I'm going to be as soon as I post this.

Jim's grand plan )

And tonight, I am determined to not dream about lost library books, sexual harassment, and old high school acquaintances. Not at all.
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Ok, I feel like a right dork for posting this so late in the game. And, I've actually begun posting this comic about three times under different names (like, "Lestat: Unstake My Heart", for example). But, it is all done, as is [ profile] alligatorandme's birthday present from, oh, 2006. Except, to get understand all of what happens in that one, you need to read this one first. Because I'm evil like that. I don't, however, feel like posting all 27 images in one go, so I'm breaking it down for you. Meaning, most of you have already seen this bit.

So, as I wrote way back when, "I know that Lestat didn't last long, but this was first begun back when hopes ran high, a handful of tickets had been sold, and Jim Stanek had a plan."

Hey, Jim! Watch where you swing that light saber. )

In other, unrelated news, I should really get this for work, don't you? Today, this lady gave us a whole sob story about how she had come from Ellicot City and really needed to use the bathroom. And, we're like, "um, keys are right there in the basket, you can take them at any time. really." Silly patrons!
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I better watch what I draw!

I don't think my stick figures are all the violent, though. I mean, Lestat is a bloodsucking vampire... but, he is a vampire. Not Bunnicula.
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I don't know what to do! The bad news is that I can't find a single eyeball on all of this Island I live on. Stupid lack of shopping! The good news? I found some stripeless index cards. Sadly, they are of low quality. But, since I can't buy Minarik an appropriate birthday present, I made him this... The end of method acting )

Now, the real question would be if that is event appropriate at all to give to an actor that you only know at stage door? What do you think?
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Back when hopes ran high and Jim Stanek had an idea...

It's sad that I drew these over a year ago, so my original dialog ideas are pretty much poof! )

The Phantom really needs his own comic. I'm imagining him in the present day using myspace to stalk all the teenage girls. I can see that.

Work was pretty much uneventful. I worked a good portion of it trying to find information on an obscure artist, R.F. Peterson. I believe his first name is Robert. That's about all I could find. Tragic, eh?
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So, I forgot to give you the "offical" synopsis of the story. I have these random post-it notes and index cards scattered across my tiny room filled with Lestat ideas, lines to be used, that sort of thing. I found this this morning:

"I know that Lestat didn't last long, but this was first begun back when hopes ran high, a handful of tickets had been sold, and Jim Stanek had a plan."

Enjoy! )
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You know, whenever I feel down and out, I turn to my journal and this obituary I cut out years ago. It starts off like this... )

But, now for entertaining you all. It's Lestat: Unstake My Heart (in the best Il Divo translation of a story/song. So, when we last left them, Lestat and the Phantom had been arrested in SF at the last performance there for beating each other up. Louis was thrilled to see the back of him. Really. Ok, so you actually did see these ones a long time ago, but, who remembers that, right?

And, as I told [ profile] booey yesterday, expect more Lestat, the Phantom, Jim, Hugh, and a little bit of Louis and Claudia. So, I guess just like the first one! How predictable.

Let the sucking begin )
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For future bad story: The Night Archivist vs. Ignorance Man. It's going to be good.
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Or should it be "The Continuing Adventures of Lestat" or maybe "Lestat & Phantom: The Further Chronicles [of a Rather Confused Musical]". Well, I was actually somewhat inspired tonight to take my further ideas to pencil and index card. But, happily for everyone here, if there is no desire for this story to continue, I will promptly quit. Or if you think that Hugh and Jim might just be offended.

Blame for this )

I have the strange, weird desire to take the Chinatown to Chinatown bus to see the show next weekend. I don't know why, but it probably will be my one single chance.

I've been awfully bad about updating recently, and I really should improve before updating becomes impossible (a.k.a. when I go home). A lot happened last weekend that I haven't even touched. The good news is that I have but two papers and two presentations left, all due within the week. And that is good news?! Yeah, and I did about nothing today seeing as I slept in until 10:30, and then was supposed to go to the library/bank prior to lunch, but misplaced my birthday check from my grandparents and couldn't find it at all for about 30 minutes. I then remembered to check the books I was using for research, and there it was! I should use better bookmarks next time, especially when using library books. And no Red Sox game with Jen, because they are completely sold out. Really, there is nothing left.

I did have a crazy dream about getting my photos developed. It's the role of film that has theatre people on it: Michael Minarik, Randal and Leslie, and Adam Pascal. Apparently my last roll of film developed in which they forgot to develop the photos with other Little Women cast members still preys on my mind, because I dreamt that they had done an awful job of developing this roll and all I ended up with were pictures of trees. Pictures that I kept arguing with them that I never took. How disappointing.
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I think I accomplished what I set out to do. As Lestat: the San Francisco MisAdventures comes to a conclusion, Lestat on Broadway opens. I did say I would be finished by opening night, right?

Say goodbye, little Lestat )

Ok, here's the deal. I want to give this comic away to one of you. But I want it to go as a whole, instead of breaking it up. I know, I'm bad at sending away my original comics, but this time I promise to. Especially since this is to be considered a rather late Christmas gift. So, if someone would even want this, you can let me know. But, fyi, first dibs go to [ profile] alligatorandme and [ profile] shawk, since the idea was first thought up for them.

Merry Christmas, everyone!
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Well, it seems we are winding down. And it's probably a good thing. )

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Life still sucks )

When does Lestat open? I'm shooting to be finished by then. Really!

I did my laundry, rotated my mattress pad, worked in the cataloguing lab, went to class, and went to choir, but it was cancelled. Sounds exciting, right?
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Back from the undead! No, really, I actually have two more episodes drawn out. So there. Of course, I'm horribly behind on my homework. I think I've given up. Fail me, Simmons, fail me!

But, this morning I had the brilliant idea that I should send one of my Lestat/Louis/Claudia stick figure drawings to the good people at Lestat to see what they thought of it. Then, reflecting that perhaps I'm not putting a positive spin on the whole show, that they might not appreciate it. All I want is to be loved!

And so does Lestat. So, where we left off months ago the Phantom had just switched his "fabulous" music with Sir Elton John's blank pieces of music. Sir EJ was thrilled that it was written and ran off to send it to his lyricist. I had no idea what he looked like, so yeah, we now turn to... )

Today's archives class was actually funnish. A new record. But then tonight I forgot to fill out a lunch form. Luckily, I helped myself to a bagel yesterday, so I can use that for lunch rather than breakfast. Although I wanted to have a bagel for the next day. That way I would be able to take a port wine cheddar cheese one to work rather than their bad sandwiches. Better luck next week, then.
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Spot the mistakes!

Sir Elton John didn't end up that well in this )

Oh my goodness! [ profile] decken's German clone is stalking me! She's now in my Wednesday afternoon class as well. Great.

TW caught me daydreaming in class today. Well, I heard "You are also in Records _______", except I didn't hear the "management" bit. So I was confused and had to ask "what". Oops. I wasn't totally out if it! Really!


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