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Dear Diary,

Today I got a boyfriend. His name is Chip. Chip Tolentino. And I know that it has to be True Love because he gave me a juice box. Not any sort of juice box, no, but the good kind, that is, fruit punch. And it hasn't even expired! Plus, a candy peanut. ;) Aren't I the luckiest girl in the world?

Hugs and Kisses,

P.S. Is it very wrong that I find my younger brother, Leaf, kind of adorable?
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Directed towards [ profile] alligatorandme and [ profile] shawk, but, if one was to try lottoing SB tomorrow for the adult's only performance, how early would you recommend getting there? 5:30?

And, completely random, but I had a total Whisper of the Heart dream last night (or rather this morning). Well, it might have turned out to be like that movie, but my closing line was something like, "Your book! But I haven't finished reading it yet!" Because he had lost the book and I had found it and started to read it and was really liking it. The thought that I could like the same book as him was shocking as we hated each other. Also weird was the fact that I had moved back to Florida and my parents were delighted to show me my new home, which was so big, in fact, that I couldn't even stretch out straight in it. I objected and said I would not live there.

Haha! It was so hot here today that I wore sandals. The day before December! No socks! No socks!

I'm beginning to feel dejected about the job hunt thing, and am having twinges of "maybe I should have taken that job". But, no. I shan't think like that. Something will come along. Someday.

Which is why my mood will be...
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Since the tickets for 1776 are pretty much non-existant for this weekend, Whitney and I are going to try for Spelling Bee tonight. That is, if we can get the lottery. Of course, I then told her that we could go to SB for 6. If we don't get that, we head over to High Fidelity for student rush at 7. And if we don't get that, we desperately try student rush at 1776 for 7:30. I don't think she is willing to go that far, however.

Well, wish me luck! Since I know some of you have had luck with lotteries and such.

But we are shooting for 1776 next weekend. Thanks for all of your votes.
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My friend and I can't decide. I don't know if there are tickets available to any of these, so who knows. But, if you could chose which show to see, what would it be? Thanks!

[Poll #838065]

Spelling Bee is an open ended run, High Fidelity ends October 20ish, 1776 next weekend. Just so you know.
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[ profile] booey, I challenge you to a game of online battleship come this November!!!!

Ok, so quick question for a select few people on my list (that includes you, Elphaba and Indiana Mendez). I was discussing seeing Spelling Bee with one of my friends and she was intrigued by the idea of the "Adults Only" performance. So, my question is, if you can only see one showing of the show, do you think it would be better to see the regular show or aim to see one of the "Adults Only" performances?

It was very exciting this morning, because I saw an ad for the show, twice!

And, I went into fangirl mode this afternoon when I received a package from [ profile] ladyshrew that included a signed copy of Pig Tale, which means that it was in VF's very hands. Now, if only I could get a signed copy of a JS book. ;)

Oh, and I find it hilarious that the other book that [ profile] ladyshrew sent (I had requested a few a while back) was the third play in the Coast of Utopia series. Just my luck, my least favorite. I was giggling madly.

Ahh, six and a half hours in the same classroom is going to drive me mad!


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