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Most ten-year-old boys should never, ever be allowed to go see a ballet. They should be taken to somewhere like Chuck-e-Cheese's and be allowed to run and scream and such as much as they like. Without distressing the other patrons. Patrons who paid good money to see a wonderful show.

In other words, I broke down and went to see The Nutcracker tonight. It was delightful, except for the fact that I was basically surrounded on all sides by annoying boys. I mean, it's a stinking ballet, how much interest can they have in it? If they were interested, then I imagine they would actually be on the stage performing. But no, they had to make make my life miserable. Why do I always get annoying children when I go to the theatre (channeling 1776 "I'm going to fall off the balcony during 'Mamma Look Sharp'" girl here)? And they talked and fought all the way through the show, with their parents sitting by and doing nothing! I attempted to think up of some painful way of making my displeasure known, like a knee to the head type thing, but couldn't think of anything that would look accidental. Because I'm sure the parents are of a type that would have taken me for all that I was worth and more in court if I whacked them on the back of their annoying little heads.

I was glad, however, that it was a ballet and not say a musical, as all of the talking that went around me would have been quite upsetting if it was during a show where there were speaking bits. There were also girls who decided to wave their arms around and do the ballet moves in their seats. Because obviously, we paid to see that. There was also a girl in the row in front of me that had her hair in a bun that was about four inches tall. I ask you, why would some mother put it up like that when you are seeing a show so it can block the view for the people behind them? It's not like it even looked pretty, it was just ridiculous looking. Idiots...

The ballet was pretty, though. And it was delightful to see another interpretation of it. One where I wasn't constantly comparing it to the one I was in (because I do that with the NCBE's production-the one I was in). Uncle Drosselmeire flew about and was actually in the Land of Sweets with Clara (we called ours Claire) the entire time. No soldier doll in the party scene, rather a bear. And it wasn't Candy Canes, but Pastorale. I wanted to start yelling "Heys!" during Russian, as that is what we got to do backstage during our production, though they probably wouldn't have appreciated it much. The scenery was breathtaking, as was the Opera House. It was worth the $25 just to be inside the theatre, it being all guilded and so ornate. Plus, that's where Little Women and Les Miserables are going to be, so I also got to scope the place out.

I think I like the Snow Scene the best.

Jen went to see Holiday Pops this afternoon. She bought the cd (even though Keith Lockhart was MIA for this performance). She showed me the cd. Guess who is on it? Alfred Boe! I made her make me a copy of the cd. So here is his version of O Holy Night.

And since I'm going home, have a Merry Christmas and if you requested Christmas cards, expect them by the end of January. Oops. Now back to packing and other useful endeavors.

P.S. I hate having to take the bus home.
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I hate reference. Why in God's name did I decide to take it with Smith? Why?

Cynthia gave me a back massage tonight because I begged her as it is killing me. Although I was startled when I was instructed that I had to get all nekkid for it. Unlike when Christine did them. It worked for about five minutes, and now my back is hurting again. Urgh. It's either the stress or the very bad beds that I pay premium price for.

Oh, and no tickets to see The Nutcracker. They were sold out. But this is probably a message to me to get my work done!

I did spend $3.06 today buying three books and a thing of soap. Not bad. [ profile] mmebahorel, did you get my Kim Philby book comment?
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Thanks to [ profile] goolover65 I will defeat the system and get to see The Nutcracker for $10. I so win! I did attempt to purchase a ticket earlier today, but found that I couldn't lie when directly asked if I was an undergrad. I mean, they probably had a list, anyways, so I would then be able to be charged under a violation of the honor code if I were to lie and say I was. But, I get to go, so yay! Thank you so much, [ profile] goolover65.

Oh, and I'm singing a solo in the choir concert next week. My name is even in the program and spelt correctly. Take that, crazy lady! Now if only I could pronounce "dance" and "chance" in the non-British English way, I would be all set. Choir seems to get more fun every week.

I really didn't want to go to the internship today. But W and I went. We ended at an exciting point. One lady wrote a letter to the pastor (who apparently was anti-women being in top positions in the church) with two chapters from books they were using for the high school Sunday School class. One was for girls and one was for boys. We only had time to glance at it, but it seems pretty spicy. Things to look forward to for Thursday, I suppose.

We have to present both of our large papers written for archives during the next two weeks. Intelligent me, I selected an unpopular book for the book review, and a completely different topic for my research paper, so I will get no support, unlike the Women and Cookbooks book that over half the class reviewed. They get to present their findings together. And the people who did access or deassessioning, they get to do a group presentation of about 15 minutes. But no, I had to pick forgery and have to do a ten minute presentation by myself.

Just like I would pick progeria back in high school. Who talks about that for genetic research? Apparently, I did.

I missed most of the Felicity movie due to choir, but according to [ profile] ladyshrew it seems to be as good as the Samantha movie was last year.

ETA: Should I be worried that I now have six different language versions of Presgurvic's Romeo et Juliette (and only two I really understand)? I think so.
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Or at least steal their id card. Apparently they have $10 Nutcracker tickets for sale, but only for undergrads. Which I think is just lame, because don't I deserve to go see it just as much as the next student? Please, I think I have to pay more (at least I do for room and board and health insurance). It's not like I can afford their $80 tickets and I really want to go. Especially after seeing my homegrown Nutcracker this past week. I want to see a nice shiny professional version.

I wonder how they know you are an undergrad. Hmm. It's not like I *look* old. They probably have a stupid check-list, though.

One more reason to dislkike this college.


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