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Well, I was right. The mirror is not hanging and the w/d is not fixed. I kind of want to tell them that they won't be seeing my rent money until that happens, but, I was checking out tenant/landlord laws today, and I wouldn't have much legal ground to do that. And I couldn't find anything about what happens when your landlord is an idiot who refuses to do even the simplest repair job. Bastard. Oh, and Simmons? Has not gotten back to me at all about the housing deposit. I must start a letter writing campaign and become annoying. In both cases. Maybe I need witnesses.

I did buy supplies today to make snickerdoodle cookies. I'm going to try to dye them green and with the Hersey kiss in the middle, it might make a passable "green egg". For not only is it Julie's birthday on Thursday, it is Dr. Seuss's. And I am helping her out with a reading of "Green Eggs and Ham" for her pre-schoolers. Somehow, I ended up with the most reading. Should be exciting.

Once again, I was queen of the clicker. If this keeps up, I will have strong thumbs for video game playing. Not that I know anyone that has one. Our numbers were dismal in the morning, but happily picked up this evening. So, we should average out. I mean, really, if anyone is going to be made redundant from this numbers game, it would be me since I'm the most recent hire. And, I wouldn't want that! Jessica (page) also drew a heart on my hand with a purple "body art" marker. Hopefully it will wash out in the shower. Though, it is a lovely heart.

There was a loud domestic dispute next door last night between 1 and 2 am. Apparently, Brian called a girl a whore (because I guess she slept with his flatmate/best friend although she is married to his other best friend, although he lied to her husband about where he was so the husband wouldn't beat up Rich-his flatmate). How very confusing, and I didn't mean to hear all of that, but I couldn't help it. Remind me to never get really angry and loud, cause you can hear it all!
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The party last night was, well, maybe not exactly fun, but I didn't have a horrible time and I was able to sit at a table with my co-workers and their spouses, instead of being thrown into a den of lions board members. I did have to stand up once, however, when they introduced new staff members. I went with Julie because we both are newish, well, she's been there less than a year, and her husband was out of town and since we both didn't want to walk in alone and not know anyone, we went together to make sure that we would know someone. I hate steak and people teased me about not liking vegetables. They have found my weakness.

About half of my pasta salad was eaten, so I brought the rest home. When I got home from the party, I saw that the boys next door were home, so I went over to offer them my vegetable leftovers, and being boys, they were quite ready to accept my donation. They also invited me over for a beer and American Idol. I could pass American Idol up! But the poor boys in the time I went to change out of my skirt and nylons attempted to clean up the room, not that I cared. And then they carried on like an old married couple about how Brian is never cleaning up, but always invites people over and expect Rich to clean up for guests. Rich recently cleaned the toilet with a toothbrush, as I guess they don't have a toilet brush. They are silly, and I like them much better sans big party and lots of people. That's more my style of social interaction.

Work has been ok. I've been working on refreshing the collection, doubtful if they will let me order what I want, though Peggy did comment on the architecture book I put on the list (one I loved back in college) and a medieval folklore book. It's so funny how this library has virtually none of the authors I like. I really need to fix this. Like, I ILLed a Byron Rogers book (his Wales one) and then let Peggy read it. Maybe she will think we need it, if she likes it. Oh, I also put some books on Wales on the list. Since we have tour books of England, Scotland, and Ireland and none on Wales. It was feeling left out.


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