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Directed towards [ profile] alligatorandme and [ profile] shawk, but, if one was to try lottoing SB tomorrow for the adult's only performance, how early would you recommend getting there? 5:30?

And, completely random, but I had a total Whisper of the Heart dream last night (or rather this morning). Well, it might have turned out to be like that movie, but my closing line was something like, "Your book! But I haven't finished reading it yet!" Because he had lost the book and I had found it and started to read it and was really liking it. The thought that I could like the same book as him was shocking as we hated each other. Also weird was the fact that I had moved back to Florida and my parents were delighted to show me my new home, which was so big, in fact, that I couldn't even stretch out straight in it. I objected and said I would not live there.

Haha! It was so hot here today that I wore sandals. The day before December! No socks! No socks!

I'm beginning to feel dejected about the job hunt thing, and am having twinges of "maybe I should have taken that job". But, no. I shan't think like that. Something will come along. Someday.

Which is why my mood will be...
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I was admiring [ profile] ladyshrew's newest icon, that of the flying Medea, and was inspired to ask her for a like icon, only this one saying "wheeee". It seemed like an excellent thing at the time. And, well, still is. I heart Medea. The problem? She created two by mistake. One, a forward thinking Medea who is departing, leaving a field of misery in her wake. The other? Well, she's kind of drunk. So... poll! Which one do you think I should use?

[Poll #808365]

And, speaking of icons, I finally broke down and decided to create an icon journal, so I could plop all of the old things down in one place. It's not quite there yet, but the address is [ profile] snowdrop_icons if you actually care. I'm sure you don't.

Oh, and because crazy dreams keep a-coming. One more. Last night, I dreamt that my mom had a dream that our house burned down. And then, the next day, it actually did. Completely. I was left with the clothes on my back and my wallet. Oh, and some tissues. I had this huge purse, and all that was in it was my wallet at its current state and some tissues. For some reason, my mind couldn't think of the big things I had lost (books, pictures, clothes, Poundzie) but instead focused on the fact that in my wallet I didn't have my student id, my BPL library card, my gift cards to B&N and Target. I suppose I couldn't take thinking of everything else. Nancy was telling me that perhaps it was for the best that this happened because I had grown to fond of my possessions and now would not have that problem. Two dreams of burnt buildings in a row, is my brain trying to tell me something? Perhaps I shall have to check out that dream community that is being featured this week. ;)


Aug. 27th, 2006 12:10 am
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I've been packing! Getting ready for the high life that is Boston. Because I'll be there in less than a week. I know, shocking, really.

I heard from Jenn. Jenn of my archives classes/Red Sox game. She is going to be in two of my classes next term, and has to spend the night in Boston on Wednesdays because Simmons is silly.

I had a strange dream that involved me not being able to get into my dorm (they are switching our cards) and M&D left me on the doorstop, only to be invited to a talk with Weird Al (and I was all like, must take notes! [ profile] erinpuff will want to know all of what he says!) and was then finally whisked away to an all day interview, which was silly because they actually wanted me. Somewhere in there, I saw "The Mansion" (a huge house cross the street from my nana's that was built back when upstate was thriving with the paper mills and such), except it was gutted from fire and I was remarking that perhaps it was a good thing because now they can use the frame and build small apartments inside it. How un-historic preservationy is that?

Tomorrow, mom has proposed that we do something FUN as it is my last Sunday home. Dad grumbles that it is supposed to rain. So, we shall see.

Mets win!


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