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You know, whenever I feel down and out, I turn to my journal and this obituary I cut out years ago. It starts off like this... )

But, now for entertaining you all. It's Lestat: Unstake My Heart (in the best Il Divo translation of a story/song. So, when we last left them, Lestat and the Phantom had been arrested in SF at the last performance there for beating each other up. Louis was thrilled to see the back of him. Really. Ok, so you actually did see these ones a long time ago, but, who remembers that, right?

And, as I told [ profile] booey yesterday, expect more Lestat, the Phantom, Jim, Hugh, and a little bit of Louis and Claudia. So, I guess just like the first one! How predictable.

Let the sucking begin )
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Does anyone know where I could possibly get screen caps of The Great Outdoors? I blame this on my brother. He was harassing me about what my paper topic is (eww! that's gross) and he then started to ask me if it was like Weekends at Bernie's and such. Then I suddenly remembered the scene from TGO where they are having the twins get a photo taken with the dead 100 year old man, except they don't know he's dead. And when they find out they run away in terror. I want that picture for my presentation! Well, at least I think it would be amusing. I've already checked [ profile] cap_it, but with no luck. Is there anywhere else you could suggest looking?

Sorry about posting random things today.


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