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The downside to making a pop field trip to NYC yesterday? I just realized this morning that I was supposed to go grocery shopping yesterday and now I have nothing in the apartment to eat for lunch. Oops. I knew I was forgetting something.
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Back when hopes ran high and Jim Stanek had an idea...

It's sad that I drew these over a year ago, so my original dialog ideas are pretty much poof! )

The Phantom really needs his own comic. I'm imagining him in the present day using myspace to stalk all the teenage girls. I can see that.

Work was pretty much uneventful. I worked a good portion of it trying to find information on an obscure artist, R.F. Peterson. I believe his first name is Robert. That's about all I could find. Tragic, eh?
ladybranwen: (Matty - Essentiel) just ate my soul. But, it was shiny! And, I must get the 19th off. Even if it means I have to work a month of Saturdays to do so. Those are my profound thoughts for the night. Not very deep, eh?

Work was rather slow today. Not very many tricky reference questions. I did finish reading Flyte tonight. It is very predictable in the run of the mill juvie fantasy novel of the day. But that was ok. Some days you just don't like to think.

I was also very industrious tonight and talked with my mom, Rachel, and Carol. All without my phone battery dying!

And, look! I'm boring!


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