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YAY! I just came back from Serenity because I got to go with Erica, Nina, Robert, and Petey. I have to say that that is the largest movie theatre I ever been in, and it was practically crowded. Apparently everyone who didn't have tickets to the Red Sox/Yankees game wanted to see the movie. Ok, not everyone, but whatever. We got there 30 minutes before the show and it was already mostly filled up. In the front there were quite a few people with their orange Jayne hats on.

And they showed every commercial twice while we were waiting for them to start up. People clapped and cheered for this. I was hoping they would want to show the movie twice, but no such luck. Everyone was also very excited throughout the previews (Narnia and Harry Potter!), so excited that even I found myself clapping at the end of the Narnia one (though I was good and didn't clap at the start of the HP one).

It was the best day ever! )

Last night we had a fire drill. It is so strange here, because they tell you what day they are having it, and they don't have to have them at different times like we did in Virginia. The good thing about it, is that means that we won't be woken up at two in the morning. Of course, I was telling Jen that if we had a real fire the firefighters would be using megaphones to tell us not to jump, but to burn. That way the clean-up would be lots neater (charred remains as opposed to squashed body parts on the ground). But only for us fifth floor people, cause we wouldn't have a chance making it down in time. At least not me in the middle of the night. I'm hopeless!

I went exercising with Meredith this morning. And I didn't die! And I actually ran for like five minutes straight without passing out. I'm so good. Haha. After my 30 minutes on the treadmill, I felt like I was floating to the water fountain, and was quite impressed with my way of walking straight. I don't know, it felt funny.

I also had my rather lengthy meeting this afternoon with Matt and Heather for our group project. Now I have another smelling book to read this week. Fun.

I want to join a nunnery. Why can't I be Catholic? Or at least a Roman aristocrat way back when so I can join the Vestal virgins. I want that.

Edit! If you don't want anything spoilery, don't read the comments here, either!
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Probably the worst thing about it was coming home in the driving rain (thank you wind) and looking like a drowned kitten. That and the rain was coming in my window. But, it was a success! And it sounds like a fun project that I get to work on. I actually get to go on field trips to a church down the street and work in their vault. Hopefully they won't lock me in there forever. Although, that does sound rather like a basement with no window like my first internship, and look where that landed me: all crazy mad in love over archives. Happily, I have also met the girl whom I'm working with in class, and she seems nice. So today I met Robin, Becky, John, and of course, my supervisor Jessica. Peggy (I believe her name is) is the director and she wasn't there when I was. But, I get to go back Tuesday when Jessica will give both Whitney and I a tour of the vault.

I am sad, however, because I ran into Matt on the way upstairs (I was on the 3rd floor looking for Cynthia but instead talked to Nina) and he said that both he and Heather were all set on the 2 pm meeting tomorrow for group project technology. Which I was hoping that we could maybe do it earlier because the first showing here of Serenity is at 2, and I really wanted to go then. So poo on them. So I unhappily said that yes, 2pm worked perfectly fine for me. So now they probably hate me. HATE ME! Oh well.

Eheu! It is windy out!


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