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I'm so lost as to which three books should I take to school. I think it was my friend Brittany says that she travels with one old familar favorite, a new book, and ... ? I can't remeber the other one.

If you could only take three books with you, what types would they be? I might just end up with three familiar favorites, ones that I know I can re-read, but not mind, and ones that the library does not have. I'm so lame to be putting this off.

As for dvds, I'm currently taking:
North and South
Wives and Daughters (Brittany and her friend are planning a BBC mini-series marathon, I believe... I'm kinda sneaking Cambridge Spies, shh, don't tell my mom!)
Bride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice LDS version
Bend it Like Beckham

As you can see, three serious dramas, three light and fluffy. I thought this was reasonable, my mom thought it was pure extravagance.

I don't know what to pack! Ahhhh!!!!

(I'm also wondering, how many LJ entries these past few days have been littered with posts like this. Hmmm)


Aug. 27th, 2006 12:10 am
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I've been packing! Getting ready for the high life that is Boston. Because I'll be there in less than a week. I know, shocking, really.

I heard from Jenn. Jenn of my archives classes/Red Sox game. She is going to be in two of my classes next term, and has to spend the night in Boston on Wednesdays because Simmons is silly.

I had a strange dream that involved me not being able to get into my dorm (they are switching our cards) and M&D left me on the doorstop, only to be invited to a talk with Weird Al (and I was all like, must take notes! [ profile] erinpuff will want to know all of what he says!) and was then finally whisked away to an all day interview, which was silly because they actually wanted me. Somewhere in there, I saw "The Mansion" (a huge house cross the street from my nana's that was built back when upstate was thriving with the paper mills and such), except it was gutted from fire and I was remarking that perhaps it was a good thing because now they can use the frame and build small apartments inside it. How un-historic preservationy is that?

Tomorrow, mom has proposed that we do something FUN as it is my last Sunday home. Dad grumbles that it is supposed to rain. So, we shall see.

Mets win!
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My brain is entirely to dead to go on, and I am so behind. Behind in my studies, behind it keeping up with everyone here, behind in life. I don't know how I'm going to get through this month. Like, I have a 15 page paper due in two weeks that I haven't even really thought about (as well as a 5-6 page paper due that same day). But, who cares. So what if I fail.

I'm too tired to go on, I'm going to sleep. I'm so sorry that I've been so bad at responding to comments and commenting lately. I do care. I do.
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Apparently there is a snow advisory for this afternoon. As long as it doesn't stop Les Miserables from happening, I'm happy. Though it seems less likely the actors would even think of stepping outside between the performances. I'll still try, though! I was also reflecting that the last time I saw the show, I had a three hour drive to get there, and really, this is the first time I haven't had to travel quite a distance to see it (unless you aren't counting my trip from Carmarthen to London to see it, since I didn't travel there specifically to see the show). It's quite nice not having to get up in the early hours of the morning to start driving.

Of course, I still got up early. That's because I'm hoping to get this stupid paper written. It's about comparing and contrasting a physical and virtual exhibit, except I think I'm spending too much time on the physical. One hour after starting, I'm already on page four. And not even halfway through the exhibit. I think I'm following more of the reviews of museums exhibits I had to do for undergrad than for what she wants, though I'm throwing in archives when I can.

I plan on getting this done before noon, though. Then I won't have to worry about it during the show!

ETA: 11:45 am. Yay! It's done and already sent off to my mom for review. Hope it's not too horrible. Now I'm feeling.... accomplished! Not busy. And it's snowing quite a bit. Boots, then.
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My brain finally decided to unfreeze itself today, so while before I had an Elton John sized roadblock ahead of me, I think I figured it out. Though not in time for tonight. Hopefully that means a double batch for tomorrow. Though what I do might not be completely satisfactory for some people. Oh well. And I promised myself that this one wouldn't be a long one.

I finally got around to posting something, well, a couple somethings, over at my Davidge research journal ([ profile] annie_davidge). Go me! I feel accomplished. But I have to admit that I find it rather annoying when people are like: I'm related to TJ as he was my half-brother's sister's husband's step-cousin's neice's... well, you get the point. I'm sure if I stretched myself wide enough I could be related to TJ and half of you, as well.

I think my shiny new shockingly old Shakespeare book has a mold issue. I'm not certain, and I probably won't be able to find the page again as it is a rather dense book, but it looked it to me. Thus, it needs to be quarentined from the other books. Though, the paper seems dry enough, however much foxing there is, but it just never goes away. Or at least I don't know yet how to make it go away. But, if your books are flooded out, be sure to stick them in a freezer. Then you can rehab them one at a time when there is time to do it.

Speaking of paper, I got to watch a Japanese Tourist Bureau film on Japanese paper making. It was quite fun. I think I want to set up shop. I like that class, even though it isn't hands on.

My mom said I couldn't go to Disney World when I visit in a few weeks. I will apparently be occupied in other places.
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I had a lovely book discussion with Laura during lunch today. We seem to have similar tastes in books, and I was able to recommend several titles and authors to her that she had not heard of previously. I showed her some of my books and she seemed to be eager to read them, though at present, she is occupied with five other books she had recently borrowed from the BPL.

When I went to pick up my laundry from the basement (oh, I can't help but think about the stairs), I ran into a new GSLIS student. When did I become so jaded about the GSLIS, and more specifically, the archives program? For that is what she is planning to study, and I don't think I was completely gushing about it. She did seem nice enough, though, and her name was quite like a friend of mine from college, except I think that it was her first name, and not first and last.

Jen and I took in the view at Bartol tonight, and dreamed of a new workout video designed around that experience. Since we already have planned the Museum/Art Gallery and Librarian workout videos. And did you know that Bartol has their own special chicken salad? Well, we didn't until tonight, but since it had the name "Bartol" in the title, we felt it would be risky to try it out. We later went to Quadside (not just to look at our empty mailboxes), but also to buy some string cheese, which really wasn't what I was planning on purchasing, but I haven't had it in years, and who am I to resist cheese?

And Jen's supposed away message for our weekend (if you want to know what we will be doing):

I'm sorry that I cannot take your call, but I am currently in the control room plotting out how to seperate the choice meat from the rest of the herd. If you are on the Ryan Seacrest List, and believe me, that is not a compliment, do not expect to hear back from me.
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Well, at least I am going to shut off my computer and crawl into bed with a book on forgery. And really, that is halfway there. I always seem to have that false sense of security that the weekend is longer than it really is and then I don't get nearly as much done as necessary. Like today. I was going to get both of my presentations for the group projects done today, as well as tighten up my reading report so I can go to group meeting #2 tomorrow and spend the rest of Sunday working on forgeries. Well, I've gotten about half of that done. Group project #1 has been pegged out and should be good to go, except foolish me, I said that I would type up our report on how we did what we did. Well, I have next Tuesday night when everything else is finished. Tonight, I watched the second half of The Two Towers while working on my cross stitch. Before and after, I worked on group project #2. It's about halfway there. I just need to find more info on A9, digitization of libraries, copyright issues, and yahoo! audio. That needs to be finished in the morning.

At least I had my fun time yesterday.

It's getting done, and I am celebrating life after the 16th of November. The true halfway point.

And now I feel really bad because Joanna has finished her website for our TOR requirement, and I have yet to learn how to do it. A long time ago, I used to know how, but not anymore. Why do they make us do stupid requirements when we don't have the time?


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