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So, at the resturant where the ladies from the Heritage Center and Mary Ann took me for my going away luncheon, there is guy there who could pass for James Barbour's younger brother. If JB had a nice Italian accent, that is. I was quite amused and wish I had the gall to take a picture of him, so you could agree with me, since I had my camera with me at the time. And now I'll never get the chance to see twin-JB again! Woe! On a side note, my chicken parm was delicious!

The rest of the day at work was quite uneventful, though very stormy. Oh, I did see Ruth twice as she came to pick up mail, and then more mail came for her so I called her up again since I knew she was in town. My parents also stopped by and we figured out the whole subway pass thing for Boston. I hope at least. Well, too late now cause the form is sent in. Tonight we looked for laptops online. Any suggestions?

Had my last ever Hibiscus Festival meeting this afternoon. Weeee!!!! Milt cracked two jokes at the meeting. Both pretty much at the same time. He was saying that we shouldn't ask back a group of entertainers. When the woman who put the entertainment together last year was confused about which group, he said something about "you know, the group where the average age was deceased". Poor old men! And then he gave us the old joke of "Whenever I get into bed, my wife always says something about old age creeping up on her". Gosh, I'm going to miss those Hibiscus Festival meetings.

Nine days left! And tomorrow is my last day with Payton and Mosley. I love them both. Mosley likes to come sit on my lap while Payton is eating. He is so adorable, though yesterday he was doing some friendly biting after licking my hand (like clamping down, but not breaking any skin). Hopefully that means he likes me. He was also falling off my lap because his butt is so wide.

Oh, and my parents are going to be out of town Thursday night! Except I am left with no forms of entertainment but my computer (unless they decide to take that too).
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After church I stopped by M&M's house to pick up a spare key so I can take care of the pets for the next week and a half. While waiting for the key, Melanie had me take Payton outside on a leash so she could wander around and go to the bathroom. After taking me around the house, Melanie and I were talking outside when Payton suddenly caught sight of a squirrel or other fun thing and took off like a bolt. I was still firmly attached. Yeah, it was like something out of The Great Outdoors and the "let go of the rope" line. But, I stupidly held on partly because I didn't know if it was ok to let go of the leash and partly because there were still people over in the church's parking lot (which is where Payton was heading towards). So that was my exciting exercise of the day as I went flying behind Payton, because she is a big dog, and there was no way I could stop her with my one had (I was also carrying my purse, Bible, and the spare key). And I was dressed for church, too.

After that, I met up with some people (the Robinsons, Karen and her son Shawn, and a couple other teens) for lunch at Sonny's BBQ restaurant. They were shocked that I have lived down here for two years and have never visited a Sonny's so they set out to remedy the situation. The company was better than the food, I have to admit. You don't know how much you miss high school lunch time until you sit with a group of high school boys. Yeah. I just sat back and watched the destruction going on around me with a hopefully bemused expression on my face. Luckily, they didn't think to throw paper or such in my drink.

The rest of my day was spent being vaguely annoyed with my computer for being generally idiotic. I ended up mumbling about how it was stupid for me to be annoyed about my computer because it was an "it" and thus could not even be termed as stupid because there was nothing there. It is a machine and can't think enough to be stupid. Well, it made me feel better. My parents are coming in two days and I'm attempting to get rid of all of my documents and music on my computer because they are moving it to their condo so I don't want to leave my stuff on it.

Books and pets tomorrow! Must remember to go walk and feed the pets!


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