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And I manned the circ/ref desk basically alone for the second half of my shift. They had a class in and both my boss and Whitney were doing the intro to the library thing with them, leaving me to my own devises. Which weren't that exciting.

And, you know you are tired when you send off rather rambling emails to your mom, including lines like, "I'm going to go crawl into bed now. Or rather, leap. Leap! Because my bed is so tall..." Um, why don't I shut up now.

Oh, and my mom is back working. Seems that the speech therapist at the other elementary school in the district broke a leg or something and is out for a few weeks. They invited her back, and she accepted. So at least I'm not the only one in the family who has to go to school tomorrow.
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Tonight I scattered two pieces of dried up grass in the wind. Well, in the garbage actually. I'm not sure why I had them, they had managed to lose their significance, and thus, according to my mom, were destined for the trash. In other words, I was attempting to clean out some of my closet. I even arranged a box of cd cases in alphabetical order. They were in my stereo cabinent in our old house, but I no longer had room for that. I also shifted through my old tapes in an attempt to get rid of some of them (I did!). Though, I did feel sad, because I grew up listening to those old tapes of Phantom of the Opera and Anne of Green Gables, even though I now have them on cd. And then I put "The Fire Within Me" on repeat, because I felt it was fitting. Though I suppose a closet does not equal an attic.

I still have way too much stuff. But my mom showed me an adorable snowman she painted when she was about ten. I swear I had never seen it before, and the expression on it is priceless. We were actually discussing the things that my great-grandmother painted, as I have a box of hers in one of the boxes I was going through. Also found the cute little clay bunny my dad made my mom when they were first going out. Apparently it was a class project he was doing with his class at the time. Mom insisted that I give it back to her, though I have no idea why it was in with my stuff in the first place.

I discovered that my Jane Eyre poster was tragically bent thanks to my mom putting it in an unsecure location in my closet after I left for college. Actually, it sounds something more like what my dad would do. But she told me it was my own fault for buying stupid things like posters.

Today is Jason's birthday. He's 26, which means he is older than me. Hah!

I need to get up early tomorrow so I can slave away like Cinderella. My parents have friends coming over in the evening, and I have to magically disappear to my room so I don't bother them. Hmm, what's a girl to do with a closetful of books?


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