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I'm apparently attempting to fill my weekend up with "firsts". Like tonight I went to a Japaneses sushi restaurant and had sushi and sake for the first time ever. I know, I know, I should have had it by now, but I'm from the back woods of nowhere. My first experience at an oriental type restaurant I was very small and I think all I ate was fortune cookies and it made me cry. I'm not sure what I feel about sushi. I mean, I one time watched Carol run to the bathroom after just putting a piece of it in her mouth. And that was about my single experience even watching someone eat it. Truly, I felt like a monkey in a monkey cage at the zoo. They were all watching me to see how I handled my chopsticks and if I made a general fool of myself. Luckily, I have used chopsticks before, so I wasn't totally inept. Sake is good. Yum yum! I should have ordered some of it myself. And the soup and salad was delicious.

Another first, tonight Jen and I are going to see a midnight showing of a movie! Well, it's Monty Python and the Holy Grail so nothing all that exciting. I was pondering how in the world I was going to ever be up in time for church until she reminded me that we have no church tonight. Gives me more time for my paper. So instead of working on my paper between dinner and movie, we went to Quadside to have mozzarella sticks and then came back here to watch some Firefly.

I've been listening to Buffy musical the past two days. It brings back memories of senior year of college, when I really felt that numbness she sang about, and about having friends who didn't care and such. But, that's not why I'm listening to it, it's more because I'm back working with my dead cemetery things again. As, I was working on my senior research cemetery project at the time. The Last 5 Years reminds me of the dead of winter, especially "Still Hurting", but that's because my first memories of listening to it involve driving my car in winter listening to it. It's funny how we attach occasions to our music.

To the movie! Nos da!
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Tonight, we had a head-to-head battle of who could write their paper faster. We usually ended up finishing at the same time (we went page by page). Although I'm not completely finished with my paper, I have a page and a half left, I am so much further along than I would have been if we didn't do this. So yes, this is a technique that we must employ more often!

I need to find a post office that is relatively nearby and is open tomorrow. I could walk down to the one by BU, but it is cold out and it closes at noon. So not inspired. Plus, I must finish my paper tomorrow morning! And I will!

Why is it so cold out? Oh yes, it is mid-November in New England. I think it is about time I retired my sandals for the season and start wearing socks again. One reason to miss Florida weather!
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Three papers are finished! My last one is awful, because I just couldn't care for the last page or so, but c'est fini! Well, nothing is ever finished, but I think I must drag myself to bed.

And snow, but tomorrow is supposed to be in the 60s, so obviously the weather has no cares. And the snow ended up sticking, but Meredith would not let any of it touch her. So sad.

Yay! Extra hour of work time tomorrow. Sweet!


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