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On a whim, I decided that I did not want to watch Flags of our Fathers tonight while eating ice cream, and decided to watch one of the lovely Japanese musicals [ profile] lamath recently sent me. I really wasn't in the mood for watching people I would grow to like in the first hour of the movie, only to watch them die tragically (you see, I read the book last year, and it's uncomfrotable to stare at someone and know that their time is limited). Unfortunately, I did realize how tragic Rose of Versailles is, for that is what I decided on.

For the first twenty or so minutes, I was like, "Is that Marie Antoinette?", or is that her, no... wait, that one must be her! And then I finally looked up the synopsis, only to discover that it really isn't all about Marie Antionette at all, but, instead, about a girl called Oscar. And now I just watched the tragic ending of Andre, Oscar's loyal servant who had just informed Oscar that he was in love with her. The poor boy. At least they get buried together, or so the synopsis says. I wish there were English subtitles, it would make things so much easier!

I also just won an Ebay auction, something I haven't even tried to do for years. But, I got a first edition (though, library edition) Sally Watson book (Highland Rebel, her first) for only $12.57 (that includes shipping) so I am pretty happy with my talents, as that is cheaper than the newer softcovers that look as if they would fall apart with a little prodding. Plus, it's one that I have never read. Double the bonus! There, that is my Valentine's Day treat for myself. Another would be to have a snow day on either Tuesday or Wednesday. But, apparently the library stays open even during hurricanes, so the chances of having a snow day is nill. Pity.

I was all set for another Saturday night alone, when I received a phone call from Julie asking me if I would like to go to the new pizza resturant in town (which happened to be the one I went to with Bryan) with her because her husband has been in Richmond the past few days playing percussion for a ballet. I said, "sure!" of course. And it was nice. I discovered that she likes musicals, though not of the recent variety. I need to burn her a copy of Jane Eyre, because it is literary, afterall. Maybe she would like it. And, also Shakespeare! She didn't realize that they were having a Shakespeare festival in DC, so maybe she will go check that out. After eating, she said she needed to go to the outlet mall for a pair of jeans, and invited me along. So, I went. I bought a new sweater (not pink, but dark orange) for under $12 at Bass. Super sale!

Oh, I also stopped by Kmart to buy Girl Scout cookies from Tammy's daughter, and then completely forgot to pick up index cards. I'm such a slacker. But, I did get a box of Tagalongs! However, I didn't make cookies like I was going to do yesterday. I also need to get milk, and am hoping that there will still be some left on the shelf by tomorrow after work. Hopefully there won't be a run on essentials at the grocery store. It's not like it is going to be a horrible storm, right? I should have gone out today.

I did, however, talk to all of my family on the phone today.
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I really need to update more than once every four days. I didn't realize I had gone that long. And that way, I won't have to say things like, at last week's reference librarian meeting, I managed to "abstain, respectfully" from the voting (like any good New Yorker) and nobody got it. Nobody gets me when I use any musical quotes. And, ok, maybe saying something like "And I don't even know his name!" is a bit obscure (used today, however, when I joked about posting an ad at the library for a date to tomorrow's staff dinner thing) but people really should get 1776 jokes. Really.

Yesterday found a very confused Kristin in the fruits and vegetable section of the grocery store attempting to pick out the appropriate vegetables (or fruits? they have seeds) for a pasta salad. All previous forays into the F&V section were strictly for lettuce and only lettuce (well, potatoes too) so it took a good five minutes to locate where the cucumbers were located. Tonight, after work, I put together the salad. Something that I have no idea what it is supposed to taste like, so I really can't tell if I put it together correctly or not. Maybe I should have brought cookies tomorrow. For, in addition to the staff dinner, tomorrow is also Terri's birthday and they like to celebrate birthdays there by bringing in food. I'll be the lame one bringing in something remotely healthy (and then they will think I've poisoned it because I didn't eat any of it). But, it's how Dad makes it, and everyone seems to like it. So, here's hoping!

Lastly, does anyone want to recommend me some good non-fiction that you think any and every library ought to have? Currently, I'm plotting how to introduce some Tom Stoppard into the library system, as we have none. But, really, suggestions? Know anything good about teenage suicide or dealing with homosexuality? Our books in these areas are vastly out-of-date. Like 1970s/1980s. And who wants to read a book that features teenagers with weird outfits and huge hair on the covers?
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I called [ profile] shawk tonight, and now she thinks I'm crazy because, well, maybe I am! Actually, I had stupidly signed myself up for the lottery...

...and once again, [ profile] shawk is right, so I should leave this alone and go to sleep so I will be all fresh for work tomorrow.

I suppose you'll all have to wait for some sort of mystery show recap tomorrow! Because I bet you can't guess which show I ended up seeing. Mwhahaha!!!!!
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Since the tickets for 1776 are pretty much non-existant for this weekend, Whitney and I are going to try for Spelling Bee tonight. That is, if we can get the lottery. Of course, I then told her that we could go to SB for 6. If we don't get that, we head over to High Fidelity for student rush at 7. And if we don't get that, we desperately try student rush at 1776 for 7:30. I don't think she is willing to go that far, however.

Well, wish me luck! Since I know some of you have had luck with lotteries and such.

But we are shooting for 1776 next weekend. Thanks for all of your votes.
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My friend and I can't decide. I don't know if there are tickets available to any of these, so who knows. But, if you could chose which show to see, what would it be? Thanks!

[Poll #838065]

Spelling Bee is an open ended run, High Fidelity ends October 20ish, 1776 next weekend. Just so you know.
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[ profile] booey, I challenge you to a game of online battleship come this November!!!!

Ok, so quick question for a select few people on my list (that includes you, Elphaba and Indiana Mendez). I was discussing seeing Spelling Bee with one of my friends and she was intrigued by the idea of the "Adults Only" performance. So, my question is, if you can only see one showing of the show, do you think it would be better to see the regular show or aim to see one of the "Adults Only" performances?

It was very exciting this morning, because I saw an ad for the show, twice!

And, I went into fangirl mode this afternoon when I received a package from [ profile] ladyshrew that included a signed copy of Pig Tale, which means that it was in VF's very hands. Now, if only I could get a signed copy of a JS book. ;)

Oh, and I find it hilarious that the other book that [ profile] ladyshrew sent (I had requested a few a while back) was the third play in the Coast of Utopia series. Just my luck, my least favorite. I was giggling madly.

Ahh, six and a half hours in the same classroom is going to drive me mad!


Sep. 4th, 2006 09:56 pm
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Ee!! They are doing a production of 1776 at the Lyric Stage (where I saw Urinetown last year) starting this weekend! How did I not know about this? And who is in the cast? I can't find a thing on it. Hmm, Nexis...

Singing and dancing TJ and Johnny. Mmmm. I'm so there!


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