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Hopefully things become more obvious )

Work was slow and dull today. I skipped out at noon to go visit the book preservation lady at the book depot. Sadly, she really isn't a book preservationist, so Pat and Mary got it all wrong. It was a friend that took to course, not her. So I talked to her for about 15 minutes and then headed back to work. It was ok, though, because Mary Ann stopped by at one and we worked for the rest of the day.

Fifteen days left. Go me!

A moment on the lips, forever on the hips. I'm going to go eat a lemon sugar cookie.

Rawr! I need more mink yarn. I think I might just order it online, cause I don't think it will be coming into the store anytime soon.
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Well, apparently yesterday's attempt did not only manage to not record on my disc, it also broke it. So, yeah. If I didn't check today, you once again wouldn't have another episode. You're in luck, though, because I'm selling it cheap so you get a two for the price of one deal. Of course, that means it is still free.

Will the real Officer Lockstock please stand up? )

I had a suprise, and delicious, outing this evening. Just when I was walking in my door coming home from work, Melanie called me up and asked if I wanted to hang out for the evening. I ended up going to her place (because she has Payton, the dog, and Mosely, the cat) where we cooked a whole lot. I put my non-existant dinner cooking skills to the test as I made some pretty respectable tasting chicken parm. In truth, that was my first real cooking for someone else, because I like to avoid that whenever possible (which is why I try to not invite people over to my place for dinner).

After that was over, she declared that she wanted to make some lemon sugar cookies, but needed to get some sugar, so we headed out to Publix. There, we ran into twin Mark and a grumpy check-out lady who yelled at Melanie because one case of soda had a coupon on it, and the other didn't, so she told Melanie to take a coupon off of another case, but then chased her down the soda aisle. And, well, that was funtastic.

The cookies were delicious. Let's see for memory's sake:
1 c. shortening
1 1/2 c. sugar
mix until fluffy
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon lemon extract
mix into above
2 1/2 c. flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
mix into above
cool for at least 1/2 hour
pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
roll into balls, cover with sugar, place on ungreased cookie sheet, press down with a fork. It takes about 8 minutes, take them out before they are fully cooked through, and eat warm. Recipe should make 5 dozen. And this time it did!

I'm impressed that I remembered that all. And I'm quite sure that that is all correct.

Melanie also asked if I would take care of Payton and Mosely coming up soon. During the day, though. Well, she was going to ask if I would stay over there, but since my parents are going to be here, I guess that won't work out. So that should be fun and exciting.

Mary Ann and Wally came to work today. I found more pictures for Mary Ann so her job isn't totally complete. She must hate me because just when she thinks her life at the historical society is over, I whip out a few more pictures. Really, I just want her to stay with me because I get lonely.

I'm kind of nervous because I got a bill from Simmons College today that doesn't list me as taking any classes. All that I'm being billed for is my room, and it will be silly to go if I have no classes to take. Hopefully I will hear something positive about that soon. Note to self: email the GLIS dept on Monday.
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This life is unsustainable... )

I learned two fascinating German phrases I can use when I interrogating German soldiers on the front line. The first one I think I can say properly, the second one I just look at in horror, which is a shame because I like it the best.

Das ist keine Zeit zum Streiten! Raus! Which I guess translates to "This is no time for arguments. Get out!"


Trotz Ihrer Lugen, beabsichtige ich, Ihnen noch eine Gelegenheit zu geben. They say that means, "In spite of your lies I intend to give you another chance."

But really, my new knowledge comes from a book on the history of Libraries. I decided that I should get back into schoolgirl mode and took out some books on libraries and their collections and such. Of course, this one is the fun book, so I have more studious texts left.

Mary Ann and Wally suprised me this morning; usually she comes to the museum in the afternoons. But, she had brought him along to paint the two front doors. They look so lovely now, in a nice creamy colour instead of the stark white they were before. I don't think he appreciated me standing by and pointing out spots that he missed. Those things just annoy me, though. It was nice to talk to him for a bit, though.

I got my new Jasper Fforde book today! Yay! I ordered it from the UK because I am that much of a dork and like to have my Jasper Fforde in the original British English form, thank you very much. Of course I'm now pondering as to when should I read it. I would love to dive into it right now, but then I'm thinking that maybe I should wait until the ride home. But then again, I've been getting carsick when I read in the car in the backseat lately. So I don't know. I saved Something Rotten for when I went hom last year.

And things seem to be all normal with the person in question from church. She was altogether over the top friendly this evening. So who knows what goes on the minds of men.

Eighteen days! Eighteen days of work left!
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A little stick figure magic )

A rather slow day at the museum today, except for the train derailling. Luckily, it was the model train and not the rather large trains right out the back door of the station. Sometimes when they go flying by, I get really worried. But no, it was quite funny how this one happened. The front wheels of one of the freight cars became unattached and then the knocked into the back wheels which came unattached and into the front wheels of the next car which then spilled over into the lovely model lagoon. If only there were children present! They would delight in it. But, the people who were there were actually two of the women I work with at the Book Depot. They wanted to see me at work before I left, though I hardly have any work anymore. It was Mary and Pat, and they even dropped me off Massachusetts A Novel by Nancy Zaroulis so I can read up on all of the foundation history. OOoo! It looks like John Adams is featured! Sweet.

Even better news? I get to be a New York resident again! Yay! Going back to my New Yorker roots (though not the city). That makes me happy.

You've probably all seen this, but here is a link to what would happen if the ending of Harry Potter and the HBP was written by a different author. Although Geoffrey Chaucer is the winner, there are lots of authors featured. Even Sappho! And don't click if you haven't read the book because it is spoilery so don't go all fan girl evil on me if you do click.
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Oh bother. I missed the [ profile] ladyshrew cut off time by a lot. But, this one has a little bit of [ profile] minkdanagin and a little bit of [ profile] tyllisium. It was supposed to be longer, but I got tired last night.

Mynock is a crazy bird )

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Still following [ profile] ladyshrew... Ghosts of the Abyss? )

I get to unveil a new character tomorrow! None other than [ profile] sampaguita_blue!
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I'm certain that you have all but forgotten what was going on with this story, so a quick recap. When we last left off... )

My day today was filled with exciting people. Like the lady who decided that, no, she could not buy a reproduction photo but must have the original from the 20s. She pointed out the fact that since we had three copies that selling her one would make no difference. Um, maybe not if we were an antique store, but we are a museum and we sell repros, not the actual artifact. Since she couldn't get by me, she then decided that I wasn't important enough and I should ask someone else if she could buy it. Right. Whatever.

Then, a stupid phone call from a lady informing me that my carton of copier cartidges is on backorder but they are still going to honor the lower price which just went up to over $500, but I will get it for $400 something. I was like, "but I already got my cartridge and the copier is all fixed." Not to mention that is a lot of money. So I don't know if I got that straighted out or what, because she said she was going to call back after she talked to her supervisor. We only go through about a cartridge a year. Plus, she said there are 4 cartridges in one carton. We got our one cartridge for $69, which when times by 4, you don't get a $400+ carton. So I am confused, but hopefully we won't end up with them. If we do, I shall have to send them back because I never ordered them. So there. I dare you to defy me!

I went on the boat ride thing and I got to see dolphins up close! Like less than a stones throw from the boat. Well, I thought that was neat. There was one male all by himself in one area, then later on, we found a whole tribe of females. Unfortunately, my enjoyment of the pleasure cruise was tempered with the fact that I was sick to my stomach and wanted off the boat. So I really couldn't take any pleasure in guessing which expensive house belonged to Gloria Estefan or Bernadette Peters. The houses they have out there are just, well, not too my taste. I realized a long time ago that I don't like large houses. I really don't. And these were some pretty huge houses. Rich beach people! I'm still glad I went because I actually got to ride on two different boats, a pontoon boat and a speed boat. I switched over to the speed boat for the last five-ten minutes. I hadn't gone on it before because all the men were on that one and as much as I would have enjoyed it, that would have just been odd.

Hmm, maybe I'll attempt to use tags for my stick figure comic.


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