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They finally posted the cast list for the Fulton Opera House's production of Les Miserables, and there's hardly a Les Mis veteran among the lot.

There is, however, Willie Conklin and Harold Bixby. ;)
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Ahhh!!! The return of stick figure stories. This one is dedicated to [ profile] mmebahorel. It attempts to explain just how Feuilly ended up a fanmaking orphan in Paris. One with a curious knowledge of guns. Who knows if it will work or even make sense! Hope you like it Jess!

And so our tragedy begins... )

I read Catherine Gilbert Murdock's Princess Ben today (which I have unchecked out from the library because when I requested it through ILL it didn't come and the patron it did come for didn't pick it up before closing on Saturday, so...) and really loved it. It's a perfect blend of fairy tales all with a new twist. Though, I did figure out a bit of the ending and some things before. I prefer to think I am just smart. Plus, one of the character's was named Florian. ♥ Florian ♥ Ok, he was our French exchange boy I was madly in love with years ago.
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Happy really late birthday to [ profile] alligatorandme!!!!

Yes, this is your birthday cartoon from 2006, I would say based on content. It is what could happen if Lestat ran into the Broadway revival of Les Miserables. Or at least a certain cast member (and no, not Trafton).

And featuring our very own alligatorandme! )

And so ends the Lestat Chronicles. Dun dun dun.
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I'm probably ten years behind (well, hopefully not that much) and missed discussion. But, I was going through my pile of unopened mail and came across my Wolf Trap membership plea and saw that they are doing LM this summer. Do they do Equity productions? Now I'm very curious, especially as it is DC theatre scene!
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I don't know what to do! The bad news is that I can't find a single eyeball on all of this Island I live on. Stupid lack of shopping! The good news? I found some stripeless index cards. Sadly, they are of low quality. But, since I can't buy Minarik an appropriate birthday present, I made him this... The end of method acting )

Now, the real question would be if that is event appropriate at all to give to an actor that you only know at stage door? What do you think?
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I might not have tried this, seeing as it was so cold and snowy, but since [ profile] alligatorandme requested that I say "hi" to a few people for her, I gave it a shot.

I am so lame! I got there in plenty of time (going left instead of right like most of the crowd really helps). So, I stood there in the snow and cold and watched people who I recognize come out (this is important to note because I'm really horrible at recognizing people, especially those I was supposed to greet), but I didn't approach them. Well, they were talking with friends and interupting them would be just rude. Like Charlie came out and was talking to a friend until Trent exited the stage door and declared that they were going for pizza at a New York Pizza type restaurant he had located, and heard was good. See, I could have jumped him and told him how much I liked him in 1776 what with his tight breeches, and he would have looked at me odd. Because I am odd. Oh, and speaking of bad fanfic, who had a hard time taking Javert seriously at times when she suddenly thought of a certain ficlet by [ profile] shawk? That had to be me.

So it seemed that everyone had someone at the stage door, but me. Which meant that all of the actors and their friends were giving me strange looks, pondering who in the world might I be and why I was standing there. I decided to give it a few more minutes, and finally, both Leslie and Randal came out together. Even better (since her hair was covered by a different hat than in the picture with [ profile] mmebahorel, one of her friends called out her name. I stood by while the four of them chatted and just when she was about to walk away to her other group of cast mates who were waiting for her, I worked up enough courage to call out to her. We had just a short conversation, as people were waiting in the cold for her. When she heard that I knew [ profile] alligatorandme, she called Randal over, and we exchanged pleasantries. Before Leslie and Randal left, I got a picture with the two of them, just for proof that I was actually there. As long as the film place actually develops it this time.

As I was heading home, Randal and his friends were behind me, and they were talking about the general awesomeness of today's show. As we turned onto the street, we mixed in with theatre goers, and it amused me to think that these people might not know that they had Jean Valjean in their midst. It's the little things in life, I suppose.

So, if you want me to hunt down Les Miserables cast members for you, tomorrow is your last day.
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So Leslie and Randal thought of themselves. And quite right.

I decided to write my review in my writing journal first. That way, I wouldn't say silly things like, "I would totally have Robert Hunt's babies if they could sing like him... wait, that's icky! Cause then I'd be lusting after my children's voices." See, it's all for your protection!

So, onto the hopefully condensed review of Les Miserables Saturday, 25 February 2006, matinee performance )
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Apparently there is a snow advisory for this afternoon. As long as it doesn't stop Les Miserables from happening, I'm happy. Though it seems less likely the actors would even think of stepping outside between the performances. I'll still try, though! I was also reflecting that the last time I saw the show, I had a three hour drive to get there, and really, this is the first time I haven't had to travel quite a distance to see it (unless you aren't counting my trip from Carmarthen to London to see it, since I didn't travel there specifically to see the show). It's quite nice not having to get up in the early hours of the morning to start driving.

Of course, I still got up early. That's because I'm hoping to get this stupid paper written. It's about comparing and contrasting a physical and virtual exhibit, except I think I'm spending too much time on the physical. One hour after starting, I'm already on page four. And not even halfway through the exhibit. I think I'm following more of the reviews of museums exhibits I had to do for undergrad than for what she wants, though I'm throwing in archives when I can.

I plan on getting this done before noon, though. Then I won't have to worry about it during the show!

ETA: 11:45 am. Yay! It's done and already sent off to my mom for review. Hope it's not too horrible. Now I'm feeling.... accomplished! Not busy. And it's snowing quite a bit. Boots, then.
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Or at least the box office. Throw in Ticketmaster, and we'll have a party.

So, after much haggling and being told that there were no tickets available for any show in the $25-$35 ticket range, I managed to get a ticket for the Saturday 25th matinee show. A $35 ticket for practically the last row in the balcony. And the Opera House is absolutely huge.

Do they not share tickets at all with Ticketmaster? Because this morning I was getting $25 tickets for the shows I was hoping to get a ticket to. I guess I will just be greatful that I get to see it at all. And hope for the best!

Or, I could start working on my pickpocket skills.

And last night, when I finally got to sleep (and was relieved that the airplane that was flying dreadfully close didn't kill me) I dreamt that I had to haggle with the box office person for the ticket. So true.
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So, I've figured out that there are five matinee performances. Four on the weekends, and a random second week Thursday one. I've pretty much decided that I can't do evenings because, much as I'm not a paranoid person, walking home alone from the T at around midnight is probably not a good idea.

So... I'm wondering if purchasing a cheap $25/$35 ticket now would be best for perhaps one of the first weekend shows. That way, I would at least get to see the show, instead of waiting to see if I could get nice seats at the $25 student rush rate. Then I would have three shows to try that out on, though it doesn't seem likely for the last weekend that I would be able to get a seat. But the Thursday, well, that seems to have more potential, though it does seem more crowded than the Wednesday Little Women show was. The only problem with that is I might have started my internship by then. On the plus side, I suppose I could take off work a bit early, since the theatre is just down the street a ways.

Do you think that might be reasonable? Because, I should probably get my ticket sooner rather than later if I'm to actually buy it. I would hate to miss my chance.


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