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Thanks to [ profile] goolover65 I will defeat the system and get to see The Nutcracker for $10. I so win! I did attempt to purchase a ticket earlier today, but found that I couldn't lie when directly asked if I was an undergrad. I mean, they probably had a list, anyways, so I would then be able to be charged under a violation of the honor code if I were to lie and say I was. But, I get to go, so yay! Thank you so much, [ profile] goolover65.

Oh, and I'm singing a solo in the choir concert next week. My name is even in the program and spelt correctly. Take that, crazy lady! Now if only I could pronounce "dance" and "chance" in the non-British English way, I would be all set. Choir seems to get more fun every week.

I really didn't want to go to the internship today. But W and I went. We ended at an exciting point. One lady wrote a letter to the pastor (who apparently was anti-women being in top positions in the church) with two chapters from books they were using for the high school Sunday School class. One was for girls and one was for boys. We only had time to glance at it, but it seems pretty spicy. Things to look forward to for Thursday, I suppose.

We have to present both of our large papers written for archives during the next two weeks. Intelligent me, I selected an unpopular book for the book review, and a completely different topic for my research paper, so I will get no support, unlike the Women and Cookbooks book that over half the class reviewed. They get to present their findings together. And the people who did access or deassessioning, they get to do a group presentation of about 15 minutes. But no, I had to pick forgery and have to do a ten minute presentation by myself.

Just like I would pick progeria back in high school. Who talks about that for genetic research? Apparently, I did.

I missed most of the Felicity movie due to choir, but according to [ profile] ladyshrew it seems to be as good as the Samantha movie was last year.

ETA: Should I be worried that I now have six different language versions of Presgurvic's Romeo et Juliette (and only two I really understand)? I think so.
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Probably the worst thing about it was coming home in the driving rain (thank you wind) and looking like a drowned kitten. That and the rain was coming in my window. But, it was a success! And it sounds like a fun project that I get to work on. I actually get to go on field trips to a church down the street and work in their vault. Hopefully they won't lock me in there forever. Although, that does sound rather like a basement with no window like my first internship, and look where that landed me: all crazy mad in love over archives. Happily, I have also met the girl whom I'm working with in class, and she seems nice. So today I met Robin, Becky, John, and of course, my supervisor Jessica. Peggy (I believe her name is) is the director and she wasn't there when I was. But, I get to go back Tuesday when Jessica will give both Whitney and I a tour of the vault.

I am sad, however, because I ran into Matt on the way upstairs (I was on the 3rd floor looking for Cynthia but instead talked to Nina) and he said that both he and Heather were all set on the 2 pm meeting tomorrow for group project technology. Which I was hoping that we could maybe do it earlier because the first showing here of Serenity is at 2, and I really wanted to go then. So poo on them. So I unhappily said that yes, 2pm worked perfectly fine for me. So now they probably hate me. HATE ME! Oh well.

Eheu! It is windy out!


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