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I really need to update more than once every four days. I didn't realize I had gone that long. And that way, I won't have to say things like, at last week's reference librarian meeting, I managed to "abstain, respectfully" from the voting (like any good New Yorker) and nobody got it. Nobody gets me when I use any musical quotes. And, ok, maybe saying something like "And I don't even know his name!" is a bit obscure (used today, however, when I joked about posting an ad at the library for a date to tomorrow's staff dinner thing) but people really should get 1776 jokes. Really.

Yesterday found a very confused Kristin in the fruits and vegetable section of the grocery store attempting to pick out the appropriate vegetables (or fruits? they have seeds) for a pasta salad. All previous forays into the F&V section were strictly for lettuce and only lettuce (well, potatoes too) so it took a good five minutes to locate where the cucumbers were located. Tonight, after work, I put together the salad. Something that I have no idea what it is supposed to taste like, so I really can't tell if I put it together correctly or not. Maybe I should have brought cookies tomorrow. For, in addition to the staff dinner, tomorrow is also Terri's birthday and they like to celebrate birthdays there by bringing in food. I'll be the lame one bringing in something remotely healthy (and then they will think I've poisoned it because I didn't eat any of it). But, it's how Dad makes it, and everyone seems to like it. So, here's hoping!

Lastly, does anyone want to recommend me some good non-fiction that you think any and every library ought to have? Currently, I'm plotting how to introduce some Tom Stoppard into the library system, as we have none. But, really, suggestions? Know anything good about teenage suicide or dealing with homosexuality? Our books in these areas are vastly out-of-date. Like 1970s/1980s. And who wants to read a book that features teenagers with weird outfits and huge hair on the covers?
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Well, apparently yesterday's attempt did not only manage to not record on my disc, it also broke it. So, yeah. If I didn't check today, you once again wouldn't have another episode. You're in luck, though, because I'm selling it cheap so you get a two for the price of one deal. Of course, that means it is still free.

Will the real Officer Lockstock please stand up? )

I had a suprise, and delicious, outing this evening. Just when I was walking in my door coming home from work, Melanie called me up and asked if I wanted to hang out for the evening. I ended up going to her place (because she has Payton, the dog, and Mosely, the cat) where we cooked a whole lot. I put my non-existant dinner cooking skills to the test as I made some pretty respectable tasting chicken parm. In truth, that was my first real cooking for someone else, because I like to avoid that whenever possible (which is why I try to not invite people over to my place for dinner).

After that was over, she declared that she wanted to make some lemon sugar cookies, but needed to get some sugar, so we headed out to Publix. There, we ran into twin Mark and a grumpy check-out lady who yelled at Melanie because one case of soda had a coupon on it, and the other didn't, so she told Melanie to take a coupon off of another case, but then chased her down the soda aisle. And, well, that was funtastic.

The cookies were delicious. Let's see for memory's sake:
1 c. shortening
1 1/2 c. sugar
mix until fluffy
2 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon lemon extract
mix into above
2 1/2 c. flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
mix into above
cool for at least 1/2 hour
pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
roll into balls, cover with sugar, place on ungreased cookie sheet, press down with a fork. It takes about 8 minutes, take them out before they are fully cooked through, and eat warm. Recipe should make 5 dozen. And this time it did!

I'm impressed that I remembered that all. And I'm quite sure that that is all correct.

Melanie also asked if I would take care of Payton and Mosely coming up soon. During the day, though. Well, she was going to ask if I would stay over there, but since my parents are going to be here, I guess that won't work out. So that should be fun and exciting.

Mary Ann and Wally came to work today. I found more pictures for Mary Ann so her job isn't totally complete. She must hate me because just when she thinks her life at the historical society is over, I whip out a few more pictures. Really, I just want her to stay with me because I get lonely.

I'm kind of nervous because I got a bill from Simmons College today that doesn't list me as taking any classes. All that I'm being billed for is my room, and it will be silly to go if I have no classes to take. Hopefully I will hear something positive about that soon. Note to self: email the GLIS dept on Monday.


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