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Life still sucks )

When does Lestat open? I'm shooting to be finished by then. Really!

I did my laundry, rotated my mattress pad, worked in the cataloguing lab, went to class, and went to choir, but it was cancelled. Sounds exciting, right?
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Back from the undead! No, really, I actually have two more episodes drawn out. So there. Of course, I'm horribly behind on my homework. I think I've given up. Fail me, Simmons, fail me!

But, this morning I had the brilliant idea that I should send one of my Lestat/Louis/Claudia stick figure drawings to the good people at Lestat to see what they thought of it. Then, reflecting that perhaps I'm not putting a positive spin on the whole show, that they might not appreciate it. All I want is to be loved!

And so does Lestat. So, where we left off months ago the Phantom had just switched his "fabulous" music with Sir Elton John's blank pieces of music. Sir EJ was thrilled that it was written and ran off to send it to his lyricist. I had no idea what he looked like, so yeah, we now turn to... )

Today's archives class was actually funnish. A new record. But then tonight I forgot to fill out a lunch form. Luckily, I helped myself to a bagel yesterday, so I can use that for lunch rather than breakfast. Although I wanted to have a bagel for the next day. That way I would be able to take a port wine cheddar cheese one to work rather than their bad sandwiches. Better luck next week, then.
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Spot the mistakes!

Sir Elton John didn't end up that well in this )

Oh my goodness! [ profile] decken's German clone is stalking me! She's now in my Wednesday afternoon class as well. Great.

TW caught me daydreaming in class today. Well, I heard "You are also in Records _______", except I didn't hear the "management" bit. So I was confused and had to ask "what". Oops. I wasn't totally out if it! Really!


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