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As many of you know, a little over four years ago, I was engaged to be married to a wonderful "Shirley Temple" of a man. Haha, well, at least some of my friends were convinced I was (and at least now I have a tragic love affair in my back pocket) thanks to Rachel hijacking my AIM. The guy was real, luckily, the relationship was not. I only write this because last night I had the oddest dream that involved some guy from either high school or college coming up to me and saying how he had liked me and all, except he had heard that I was engaged so didn't pursue it. See, Rachel, you ruined my love life! All from that joke you played. Well, at the concert I saw a guy from the back who reminded me of our own Gregg Marshall, so I am assuming that that is why I had that dream.

Tomorrow will be different. Firstly, our home church has become no longer our home church. It is frightening because we have been going there for over twenty years, that's all I remember, but due to unfortunate circumstances, my parents feel that they can no longer attend. So we are cast adrift. And we can't go to the other Wesleyan church in town because that is where my aunt and uncle go (they used to attend our old church), and apparently, my aunt informed my mother when they left that church it was because she didn't want to see my mom ever. Or at least as little as possible. So clearly we can't go there. It's really quite huge what has happened, but I don't feel free to talk about it, even here in my little space.

And the second thing is that above aunt and uncle invited us to their house for a "family" father's day dinner. Family in quotes due to it being all her family and us. The relationship is through my dad and my uncle, not my aunt. But back in the day, my aunt was excessively jealous of my mom because she didn't have kids for a while. Of course, she then popped out two, but hasn't let it go. It's so strange, though, that she has never had issues with me. Probably because I'm such a horribly ugly little runt of the family that it wasn't like I was going to compete with her daughters. Jason was only good for putting together their toys on Christmas. She probably disliked him because he is the only one in our family to carry on the family name. So, dinner shall be interesting and terrifying.
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In my attempt to do good, and right wrongs (and send out something to my friends), I came up with another crackpot stick figure idea. Actually, it was for a Christmas card present for [ profile] alligatorandme, but the story grew in its telling (at 2 am when I was hoping to be asleep). So then I decided to give a portion of it to [ profile] shawk as well, and let them combine forces to get the full story. But, it seemed like it needed more. And as I promised stick figures for all, well, I thought I'd give everyone a short story, though it leans more towards [ profile] alligatorandme/[ profile] shawk's tastes (or lack of).

And no, [ profile] ladyshrew, whatever you say, I will not be slashing them together. EVER.

It seems that I will be returning to my stick figure roots )

I went church stopping today, and was quite confused when the minister baptised two babies and said something like, "In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the mother of us all". I was like, when did they bring Mary into this, but then realized that she must mean God? So confusing. Jen and I are going to try a Baptist church closer to home, as this one we had to take the T to get to. We went with Whitney and her roommate.

Jen and I also saw Memoirs of a Geisha tonight. I thought it was good, but oh so long. It dragged.

School tomorrow. I need to figure out what room I'm in!


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