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Well, as luck would have it, my second group project presentation (this for my cataloguing class) is also scheduled on the same week as everything else. There are also two groups of people presenting info on EAD on the same day, so that should be oh so exciting. But Megan is in my group, and a boy who has already sent out two emails of EAD information.

I worked on reference work in the library today, and then took out Louisa May Alcott's Moods because I have lots of free time to read. Well, I can at least look at the book (and then read [ profile] tyllisium's review of it).

Came home to find the In My Life sampler cd today in the mail. Yay for free stuff! I like the last song, When She Danced the best, because, yay ballet. Ok, so I'm a dork.

I have to take the bus home for thanksgiving, and Christmas. Fun. And the choir group I'm in? Yeah, well the big spring concert with the New England Philharmonica is during spring break. How awful is that?

The Red Sox are losing and that bodes ill for this weekend. I don't want riots nearby me. Especially when I really want to go to the huge library book sale at the bpl.

But, Veronica Mars! That made the whole awful day worth it. And I kind of guessed who she was with at the beginning, so go me.
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I really am. I should not listen to my brain when it is giving me stupid stick figure drawing ideas. Because then I make them, and give them to people who must think I'm absolutely nuts. Oy vey. When will I ever learn?

So now I'm in a hateful towards myself mood. That's all that can be said on the subject.

I sold back two archives book today, and bought one of them online for a cheaper price (yes, that was the one that cost me $70, I can now get it for $50). So, yay! The other one was a book I had bought for the class but found out it wasn't required, but needed only for a book review if I wanted to use that book. I didn't. I did keep two of the other books just because they looked interesting. One was on cookbooks and the women who wrote them and the other was on Women's Clubs. I believe I'm going to do my book review on Making Saints: How the Catholic Church Determines who Becomes a Saint, Who Doesn't, and Why just because it looks that interesting.

My cataloguing class was interesting and entertaining today. He does like to go off on random tangents and leave us all behind, but it is all good. He did say that he talks about things at least twice if not more, so not to worry if we didn't get it the first time through.

I also started taking a stab at the list of reference books I need to go through this afternoon at the library. It will be fun for sure.

I have my internship fair tomorrow for archives. I guess I should probably print out some resumes or the like. But really, who turns away unpaid interns?


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