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Dear Amazon,

Seriously, Amazon? The shipping estimate you give me for Mockingjay is the 30th? I have to wait six whole days beyond the magic release date for you to get your act together and ship it to me? This is like Harry Potter release, only more exciting to me. I pre-ordered this with the thought that you would have it to me right after it was released (like HP). You do realize that I'm going to have to avoid all internet for days just in case I stumble across a spoiler. Because I do not want to be spoiled!

Now I'm tempted to cancel my order and go across the bridge to Borders to buy a copy there. Gah!

No love at all,

Yes, I sound like a whiny fanbrat. Oh well.
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It was a thoroughly enjoyable day today, though I've been nursing a really bad headache for the past couple of hours so I guess I am being punished for having such a good day. It's like Louisa May Alcott just dropped into my life. At least I don't have to scrub the floors, too.

Right, my head hurts too much to type more, so I leave you with this fabulous site. You can't get better than Sheep Poo Paper.

I bought books, lots of them. I'll tell you more about them later.
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Is it bad that I think that this is so very awesome? And now I could sit all day and watch what people buy, and where.
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Hah! Or not. I just completed the 48 Hour Book Challenge, and I have been up for all 48 hours reading- no sleep breaks for me! I am dead, dead, dead. And I need to be in DC for 4 this afternoon. Dead!

I fear my body is breaking down due to such mistreatment. Oops.
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Ahhh!!! The return of stick figure stories. This one is dedicated to [ profile] mmebahorel. It attempts to explain just how Feuilly ended up a fanmaking orphan in Paris. One with a curious knowledge of guns. Who knows if it will work or even make sense! Hope you like it Jess!

And so our tragedy begins... )

I read Catherine Gilbert Murdock's Princess Ben today (which I have unchecked out from the library because when I requested it through ILL it didn't come and the patron it did come for didn't pick it up before closing on Saturday, so...) and really loved it. It's a perfect blend of fairy tales all with a new twist. Though, I did figure out a bit of the ending and some things before. I prefer to think I am just smart. Plus, one of the character's was named Florian. ♥ Florian ♥ Ok, he was our French exchange boy I was madly in love with years ago.
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I've been meaning to watch this all week ever since I first saw it on a reading blog. It is Meg Cabot's reinterpretation of Little Women. Using her Madame Alexander dolls.

Neither set of my grandparents (well, one full set and Nana B, since I'm lacking a grandfather) are doing that well. Nana W talked to me for a good half hour, even though we both had nothing exciting to report (as I'm still lacking a boyfriend, woe is me). I think she just needed people to talk to since Papa was having a very bad day.
ladybranwen: (Matty - Essentiel) just ate my soul. But, it was shiny! And, I must get the 19th off. Even if it means I have to work a month of Saturdays to do so. Those are my profound thoughts for the night. Not very deep, eh?

Work was rather slow today. Not very many tricky reference questions. I did finish reading Flyte tonight. It is very predictable in the run of the mill juvie fantasy novel of the day. But that was ok. Some days you just don't like to think.

I was also very industrious tonight and talked with my mom, Rachel, and Carol. All without my phone battery dying!

And, look! I'm boring!
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As you might recall, a couple weeks ago, I was working on a reader's advisory for Christian romance novels. At the time, I decided that perhaps I should read some of them (much like with Nora Roberts and Danielle Steele) so I wouldn't blindly recommend something and then have it turn out horrid. Well... I've only "read" two so far, but I might have to switch up my list.

I say 'read' because... )

Maybe I should just skip reading the other ones I have, read something Karen Kingsbury, and call it a day.

And speaking of Christianity at the library, we apparently have a patron who likes to censor or edit books. I was looking at one on Saturday that needed to go to mending, and noticed that throughout the entire book, every time that "God" was written, it was crossed off. The funny thing was it was next to "God damn it" every time, so apparently God is worse than swear words to them.

Now I must call my papa, because it is his 86th birthday today!

ETA: I guess I should say something about the books I read this weekend for my own enjoyment. Firstly, Penelope by Penelope Farmer (one must wonder if it was written with her own experience) is about a girl named Flora Penelope who is having memories of another life in which she was called Penelope, had a poet for a father and Dr. Darwin for a friend until his large dog viciously mauled her little puppy and the phrase "Eat or be eaten" enters her head. Everyone around her thinks she's been reincarnated. She's not so sure. It was a fun read. I had only read Farmer's Charlotte Sometimes book when I was younger and really liked that one.

Secondly, a Peggy recommended book is Regency Sting by Elizabeth Mansfield. This is in the line of Georgette Heyer, though not as well written. Still fun, however, with the exception of the author trying too hard to get the regency "slang" down. Books should still be readable! Sometimes a bit more "nesh than dash" as one of her characters would say.
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I really need to update more than once every four days. I didn't realize I had gone that long. And that way, I won't have to say things like, at last week's reference librarian meeting, I managed to "abstain, respectfully" from the voting (like any good New Yorker) and nobody got it. Nobody gets me when I use any musical quotes. And, ok, maybe saying something like "And I don't even know his name!" is a bit obscure (used today, however, when I joked about posting an ad at the library for a date to tomorrow's staff dinner thing) but people really should get 1776 jokes. Really.

Yesterday found a very confused Kristin in the fruits and vegetable section of the grocery store attempting to pick out the appropriate vegetables (or fruits? they have seeds) for a pasta salad. All previous forays into the F&V section were strictly for lettuce and only lettuce (well, potatoes too) so it took a good five minutes to locate where the cucumbers were located. Tonight, after work, I put together the salad. Something that I have no idea what it is supposed to taste like, so I really can't tell if I put it together correctly or not. Maybe I should have brought cookies tomorrow. For, in addition to the staff dinner, tomorrow is also Terri's birthday and they like to celebrate birthdays there by bringing in food. I'll be the lame one bringing in something remotely healthy (and then they will think I've poisoned it because I didn't eat any of it). But, it's how Dad makes it, and everyone seems to like it. So, here's hoping!

Lastly, does anyone want to recommend me some good non-fiction that you think any and every library ought to have? Currently, I'm plotting how to introduce some Tom Stoppard into the library system, as we have none. But, really, suggestions? Know anything good about teenage suicide or dealing with homosexuality? Our books in these areas are vastly out-of-date. Like 1970s/1980s. And who wants to read a book that features teenagers with weird outfits and huge hair on the covers?
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[ profile] booey, I challenge you to a game of online battleship come this November!!!!

Ok, so quick question for a select few people on my list (that includes you, Elphaba and Indiana Mendez). I was discussing seeing Spelling Bee with one of my friends and she was intrigued by the idea of the "Adults Only" performance. So, my question is, if you can only see one showing of the show, do you think it would be better to see the regular show or aim to see one of the "Adults Only" performances?

It was very exciting this morning, because I saw an ad for the show, twice!

And, I went into fangirl mode this afternoon when I received a package from [ profile] ladyshrew that included a signed copy of Pig Tale, which means that it was in VF's very hands. Now, if only I could get a signed copy of a JS book. ;)

Oh, and I find it hilarious that the other book that [ profile] ladyshrew sent (I had requested a few a while back) was the third play in the Coast of Utopia series. Just my luck, my least favorite. I was giggling madly.

Ahh, six and a half hours in the same classroom is going to drive me mad!

PSA #68

Apr. 9th, 2006 09:41 pm
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[ profile] sampaguita_blue, I lied! If you couldn't tell by now. I'm not going to be able to get online tonight due to the necessity of studying for an exam I have tomorrow. I really can't afford to do badly, as this is the class of my really bad paper, so I must do brilliantly tomorrow. I will try tomorrow, if you think you'll be around. I'm so sorry.

Carol, if you read this in the near future, would you mind giving me a call to let me know what exactly your plans are for when you come here for your conference. I know Christine was out straight when she was at her conference in Florida, so I'd just like to know if you think there is actually any time that we can get together so I can plot out my schedules for paper writing. I was going to try to call tonight, but see above message, and the fact that you are usually out eating/shopping/seeing a new Broadway show on your evenings off. Thanks.

Oh, and Brittany has now gotten me into Fruits Basket. Once again by having only volume #1, so she gets me attached to the weird plot and characters and then *poof!* I never get to find out what happens next. I suppose that's what imaginations are for, right?

And, studying...

Holy Hera!

Sep. 24th, 2005 11:06 pm
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How exactly is one supposed to write a one to two page paper when there are eight items to be discussed in it? Because I've barely covered anything, and I'm already at the two page mark. And she thought that you could do it all in one page?

My eyes apparently also have a strange gleam about them according to Jen. We think it is because I spent the last three hours reading about two hundred pages worth of computer information. I wonder how much of it I actually got? I know with one book I had no idea what I was reading. Inputs chasing outputs? Although I understand the whole rock/paper/scissor thing, however much the author was calling it scissor/paper/rock. How odd.

Jen and I went Cambridge side today because she wanted to donate some clothing to a thrift store near Harvard. We stopped by the yarn store there, and once again, the prices were outrageous, though nowhere near as bad as that other store. It is quite impossible getting any sort of affordable yarn in Boston. I give up.

We wandered into a used bookstore and on our way out were were accosted by the owner on his way in. Luckily, we managed to escape after only a little bit and happily found ourselves in a lovely children's bookstore. Where I bought a book with what remaining cash ($4) I had. Actually, I was quite fortunate, because the book I bought (Pamela Dean's Whim of the Dragon) was on the 1/2 price clearance. I guess it is now considered an older book that they need to clear off their shelves. Perhaps that is why I have had an impossible time finding it. At least they didn't rip the cover off of it! Oh, and there was also a copy of Sherwood Smith's Wren's War there that I would have bought (also 1/2 price), but I'm still under the belief that [ profile] ladyshrew has that for me in some pile. Am I right? Cause if you don't have it, I might have to scrape some funds together and get it.

As you can see, I love books more than shower sandals.
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It's my last free night for I don't even want to think how long. I do hope I won't regret taking four classes (plus and internship and hopefully a job). Dead! I shall be dead!

The good news is: today we found a Barnes and Noble within walking distance from the campus. We were actually going to go take the T to a Borders, but we walked right by it and ended up past Fenway, which was crowded as all getout, and spotted the B&N. It turned out to be connected to Boston University, so two of the five floors were devoted to BU students as that was their campus bookstore. Lucky ducklings. In even better news, I didn't buy anything! I almost did, but I resisted because it wasn't exactly what I was looking for, and I can't afford anything now, anyways.

I did find a copy of The Floating Brothel in their discount bin. Rachel had bought that when we were in Wales. Sadly, it was in the shipment of books that were transformed by the US Postal Service into Christian Romance Novels. Somebody doesn't like brothels or Harry Potter! Or liked them too much. I was tempted to get it for her, but wasn't sure if she still wanted/needed it. Oh, and [ profile] mmebahorel, I was estatic to find a copy of Kim Philby's My Secret War. It does exist! I had my doubts.

I was wrong. You do come out of the dining hall with a particular stench. It didn't seem so the first time I was in there. Perhaps I was sweating too much and that covered over the odor. It doesn't seem as bad as Seaco stench, though. Which is a blessing considering I live right next to the dining hall. We also explored the athletic facilities. They have a beautiful dance space. I wish I had my ballet equipment here. It would be nice to take that up again.

I finally got my college email figured out! And for some reason I have emails going back to March in that account. Over one hundred. I wonder why.

My lj has a new look for the moment. I probably won't keep it, but if I waited to change it later, I would have had no time. At least now I have one more option for how it could possible look. I like the fact that you can go back to your old layouts.

Orientation tomorrow. Get to be overwhelmed with new people. Oh joy! My hours are fleeting.

I've been a horrible lj friend lately. I'm really, really sorry.
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I'm giving my new laptop a test run, so I will probably make horrible spelling mistakes because the typing is so different on it. I need to give the poor thing a pretty name, too. Maybe then it will like me and behave properly.

It is so funny, but just watching all of this information on Hurricane Katrina has brought forth a bunch of memories (and perhaps some hidden terror) from last year's run in with Jeanne and Francis. And I'm no no longer anywhere near Florida and the other southern states. Watching my dad flip through the channels from the Weather Channel to the various news channels made me question mom as to if this was how it was last year, when they had to worry about me being down there. It was like that, but worse, because they would download the video of our local disaster prepardness weatherman/local mayor giving the report on how Vero was. Something that I couldn't do. At least someone enjoyed it.

Then there is the historic preservationist side of me that is horrified to think of the loss of history in New Orleans, dreading it, and wishing the storm would go anywhere but there. Just for the sake of history. Is that horribly bad of me? Probably so. I could not and would not wish a hurricane on anyone. They are horrible and terrifying.

The waiting and not knowing is the worst bits.

I have done an amazing amount of lounging and reading the last two days. Especially when I could have been packing or doing something useful. I was skipping through Emily of New Moon yesterday and was reminded how much that one section between her and Dean Priest was just like Jane Eyre. Right on down to the elves and him sticking her crushed flower into his copy of Jane Eyre. I really think that EoNM has to be one of my favorite L.M. Montgomery books. And to make my joy complete, the library at Simmons has the first two of her journals. I have never been able to get my hands on them, and my parents have repeatedly refused to buy them for me for a Christmas present. So here is my chance!

Sad news, I won't be able to graduate in a full year as one of the classes I need is only offered in the fall. Of course, you need a couple pre-reqs to take it. Just my luck.


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