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Egads. It's been a long, long while since I last went shopping for ballet clothes. Actually, it was over ten years ago, and that was more like my mom saying, "that's the one!" and buying it from a catalog (whatever was cheapest, usually). And now I think I've narrowed down to where I'm going to buy them from and what, but... Maybe I just want my mom to say, "buy that!" and I'll do it. The ones that she found, however, are a nylon/lycra blend, and I found ones on another site that are a cotton/Lycra blend, and I think the cotton is better? Where I found them, the leotards and tights are cheaper, but I have to pay shipping. It, for the most part, comes out in the wash. Plus, if I get them at this site, they have some cheap warm-up shorts and a pair of gaucho pants that look like they would be mighty comfortable to wear just around the house. After all, I follow the rule that once I get home from work, I'm free to put on my comfy pants.

Ah well, I submitted my order. Can't change it now!

I also just finished my lemon cookies for Lynn, so I think I'm off to bed. My parents would be absolutely shocked to see me up this late.
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And here is the concluding chapter in Lestat's second adventures. Hope you liked this little story!

Lestat is in trouble )

Today I did minor things like going for an hour long walk- since it was sort of nice. Except, a storm was a-brewing and I managed to make it back to my car right before the rain came. And then hail came. I attempted to go unwillingly to ballet class, but it turned out that it was canceled as our instructor has the flu. But, at least now she knows I made the effort to go!


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