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Since the tickets for 1776 are pretty much non-existant for this weekend, Whitney and I are going to try for Spelling Bee tonight. That is, if we can get the lottery. Of course, I then told her that we could go to SB for 6. If we don't get that, we head over to High Fidelity for student rush at 7. And if we don't get that, we desperately try student rush at 1776 for 7:30. I don't think she is willing to go that far, however.

Well, wish me luck! Since I know some of you have had luck with lotteries and such.

But we are shooting for 1776 next weekend. Thanks for all of your votes.
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My friend and I can't decide. I don't know if there are tickets available to any of these, so who knows. But, if you could chose which show to see, what would it be? Thanks!

[Poll #838065]

Spelling Bee is an open ended run, High Fidelity ends October 20ish, 1776 next weekend. Just so you know.


Sep. 4th, 2006 09:56 pm
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Ee!! They are doing a production of 1776 at the Lyric Stage (where I saw Urinetown last year) starting this weekend! How did I not know about this? And who is in the cast? I can't find a thing on it. Hmm, Nexis...

Singing and dancing TJ and Johnny. Mmmm. I'm so there!


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