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Maybe I shouldn't have done it, but, I just bought a ticket to see The Golden Age at the Kennedy Center for the March 12th showing. That's a Friday, so it is one less Friday I have to see Orestes. But, it was Jeffrey Carlson and Marc Kudisch! I mean, I attempted to stalk Marc Kudisch by not seeing him but getting all the playbills of shows he was in, so it is about time I stalk his sweaty person in person. Darn, if only I had remembered that detail when I bought my ticket.

Now, on to finish packing!
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...I must be thinking of Sam Ludwig as Martin and James Gardiner as Crostini. Because they are comic gold. Or something like. Jess and I went to see Matt Conner's children show, Martin: The King of Pizza on Saturday night. Despite crazy traffic on the beltway (I was rushing there after work), we managed to get there with plenty of time to spare. And time to lament the fact that we did not kidnap an art deprived child or two to drag to the show to make us blend in better with those around us.

With the wisdom of a short person, I sat us squarely in the center of the front row (we were the first through the gates), only to realize that, well frankly, I actually wasn't the shortest person at this show. We ended up giving up our prime seats to smaller children and moved back into the second row.

The show operates under the simple idea that Martin, who at age 10 just completed King Training University (or College?), has come home and intends to celebrate his birthday. Nobody attends but his old friend Rosemary (who likes to go operatic on us) played by Lani Novak Howe. So he decides to disguise himself (hmm, must have left the knot in there from a previous disguise attempt) and ride throughout his kingdom to determine why nobody came. Along the way, he meets a dairy worker (Florrie Bagel), a butcher (Jennifer Soto Benson), and a baker (James Gardiner). They are all pretty much tricked into going to the castle where they all meet, all hate each other, and suddenly, poof! all of their ingredients are thrown into the fire and it comes out as pizza. It's the best birthday ever!

The cast was all wonderfully fun and very energetic. I can't imagine the kind of energy used up by Florrie and Sam during their "Extraordinary Dairy" routine. That must have been quite a workout! James was asked if he was French because one lady thought his accent was so good (though apparently some kids have told him otherwise). Sam also told us that one kid asked him if he was ten and Sam said, no that he was twelve. And the kid kind of believed him. Oh children.

This was followed up by a visit to the local "pub" in Silver Springs. They have cider. Cider, we learned, that we can actually get in a pitcher for those nights that we don't have to drive. Sweet!
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Egads. It's been a long, long while since I last went shopping for ballet clothes. Actually, it was over ten years ago, and that was more like my mom saying, "that's the one!" and buying it from a catalog (whatever was cheapest, usually). And now I think I've narrowed down to where I'm going to buy them from and what, but... Maybe I just want my mom to say, "buy that!" and I'll do it. The ones that she found, however, are a nylon/lycra blend, and I found ones on another site that are a cotton/Lycra blend, and I think the cotton is better? Where I found them, the leotards and tights are cheaper, but I have to pay shipping. It, for the most part, comes out in the wash. Plus, if I get them at this site, they have some cheap warm-up shorts and a pair of gaucho pants that look like they would be mighty comfortable to wear just around the house. After all, I follow the rule that once I get home from work, I'm free to put on my comfy pants.

Ah well, I submitted my order. Can't change it now!

I also just finished my lemon cookies for Lynn, so I think I'm off to bed. My parents would be absolutely shocked to see me up this late.
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It was a thoroughly enjoyable day today, though I've been nursing a really bad headache for the past couple of hours so I guess I am being punished for having such a good day. It's like Louisa May Alcott just dropped into my life. At least I don't have to scrub the floors, too.

Right, my head hurts too much to type more, so I leave you with this fabulous site. You can't get better than Sheep Poo Paper.

I bought books, lots of them. I'll tell you more about them later.
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Is it bad that I think that this is so very awesome? And now I could sit all day and watch what people buy, and where.
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Hah! Or not. I just completed the 48 Hour Book Challenge, and I have been up for all 48 hours reading- no sleep breaks for me! I am dead, dead, dead. And I need to be in DC for 4 this afternoon. Dead!

I fear my body is breaking down due to such mistreatment. Oops.
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They finally posted the cast list for the Fulton Opera House's production of Les Miserables, and there's hardly a Les Mis veteran among the lot.

There is, however, Willie Conklin and Harold Bixby. ;)
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It's so odd. I've been checking amazon every once and a while to see if there is a ghost of a chance that my favorite version of A Little Princess is going to be released on DVD. Guess what I found tonight? And it's actually already been released!

I must buy it!
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Ahhh!!! The return of stick figure stories. This one is dedicated to [ profile] mmebahorel. It attempts to explain just how Feuilly ended up a fanmaking orphan in Paris. One with a curious knowledge of guns. Who knows if it will work or even make sense! Hope you like it Jess!

And so our tragedy begins... )

I read Catherine Gilbert Murdock's Princess Ben today (which I have unchecked out from the library because when I requested it through ILL it didn't come and the patron it did come for didn't pick it up before closing on Saturday, so...) and really loved it. It's a perfect blend of fairy tales all with a new twist. Though, I did figure out a bit of the ending and some things before. I prefer to think I am just smart. Plus, one of the character's was named Florian. ♥ Florian ♥ Ok, he was our French exchange boy I was madly in love with years ago.
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I just had a Hobnob.

Let's see if I keel over and die during ballet tonight!
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Ok, call me crazy, but I think I found what I want for my birthday. It's this:
Make sure you look at the closeup of the back, too.

In pink, of course. ;)
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Happy really late birthday to [ profile] alligatorandme!!!!

Yes, this is your birthday cartoon from 2006, I would say based on content. It is what could happen if Lestat ran into the Broadway revival of Les Miserables. Or at least a certain cast member (and no, not Trafton).

And featuring our very own alligatorandme! )

And so ends the Lestat Chronicles. Dun dun dun.
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And here is the concluding chapter in Lestat's second adventures. Hope you liked this little story!

Lestat is in trouble )

Today I did minor things like going for an hour long walk- since it was sort of nice. Except, a storm was a-brewing and I managed to make it back to my car right before the rain came. And then hail came. I attempted to go unwillingly to ballet class, but it turned out that it was canceled as our instructor has the flu. But, at least now she knows I made the effort to go!
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Don't worry, it's almost over now. Just one more post after this one.

Not according to plan )

Other than Marie dumping a glass of water on my pants, it was a very enjoyable trip to NYC yesterday. I enjoyed both shows we saw (August: Osage County and The Blue Flower)And, since I have the day off tomorrow, be prepared for an actual post! Oh, shocking!
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This is all new stuff. So totally rockin'.

The plan becomes quite clear after all. )
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Happy birthday, [ profile] shawk!!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day!

Some old images, and breaking into new Lestat ground today. I'm so proud of myself.

Welcome home, little Lestat )
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Wow, I am so utterly tired. I don't know what is wrong with me (you know I'm thinking, mono? cancer? what?). But, I could barely keep my eyes open the last few hours of work. I practically fell asleep as our boss was informing us of road conditions. Never a good sign. Needless to say, I'm going to be as soon as I post this.

Jim's grand plan )

And tonight, I am determined to not dream about lost library books, sexual harassment, and old high school acquaintances. Not at all.
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Ok, I feel like a right dork for posting this so late in the game. And, I've actually begun posting this comic about three times under different names (like, "Lestat: Unstake My Heart", for example). But, it is all done, as is [ profile] alligatorandme's birthday present from, oh, 2006. Except, to get understand all of what happens in that one, you need to read this one first. Because I'm evil like that. I don't, however, feel like posting all 27 images in one go, so I'm breaking it down for you. Meaning, most of you have already seen this bit.

So, as I wrote way back when, "I know that Lestat didn't last long, but this was first begun back when hopes ran high, a handful of tickets had been sold, and Jim Stanek had a plan."

Hey, Jim! Watch where you swing that light saber. )

In other, unrelated news, I should really get this for work, don't you? Today, this lady gave us a whole sob story about how she had come from Ellicot City and really needed to use the bathroom. And, we're like, "um, keys are right there in the basket, you can take them at any time. really." Silly patrons!
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Therefore, no morbid end of the year post! Just think, last year at this time I was in a hotel on Kent Island with my parents, exhausted, after a long drive down from NY with the weight of finding an apartment, a car, and everything in between ahead of me. Look how far I've come! And all of my LJ friends that I've now met in person (or made friends with at the stage door) all in one year. I'm a very lucky girl!

But, now I'm off for some Monty Python fun! Hopefully. Unless Jess doesn't really want me to visit her for the fourth day in a row (oo, that's scary!).

Happy new year's, everyone!


Dec. 17th, 2007 10:12 pm
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Who is this Andrew C. Call, and what have you done to Charlie Brady? So fine, I guess I saw him in High Fidelity, but why does Playbill say he's in Glory Days but the Signature website has pictures of Charlie?

So confused...


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