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I accidentally fell into this one. I was already halfway done when I realized that the challenge was the colour brown, so why not say I did it, right? At this point, I'm as big as a barn so am not sewing for myself until I can figure out what size I may become after baby comes. But, since I now spend my evenings with my legs elevated and icing my ankles, I can do a bit of hand sewing. I've been meaning to try [ profile] jenthompson's Regency turban cap tutorial for a while now and I had supplies handy, so went for it.

Here is the results!

Since Matt laughed so much at the poofy turban look, I also tacked it down in the back a la Jen, so now it is a pleasingly small turban. I like it. The feathers need a bit of work, but it is what I have on hand at the moment. It isn't like I actually have a place to wear it. Hopefully maybe Pumpkin Tea? If I can get away then. We shall see!

The Challenge: Colour Challenge Brown

Fabric: Brown velvet

Pattern: Festive Attyre's Regency turban cap tutorial

Year: Regency

Notions: Straw hat, ostrich feathers, gold trim, brown thread

How historically accurate is it? Methods may not be, but I was pleased with how it turned out.

Hours to complete: 4-6? Not quite sure, I worked on it when I iced my ankles

First worn: Haven't yet had the opportunity.

Total cost: Probably about $5.
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