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There could be a reason why I am a librarian. Order. You couldn't tell from our apartment at the moment (it is a complete disaster), but I am actually a fan of having things in their proper place. Matt bought a storage bin to put our important papers in order, and seeing how amazing it looked, I promptly insisted that I get one for my patterns. Which then turned into two. I have one that is my historical patterns up to the 1950s (these are commercial, but they are ones I have used). So most of them are oversized and I have made pattern pieces for them so I have them in vertical file folders- all in date range. The other box is my commercial patterns going from the 1940s to 1980s (yes, I have a few underthings patterns someone donated to the library from the 80s). Plus the retro/"historical" commercial patterns I've picked up on sales.

The patterns that I love and want to make the most all seem to come from the 40s/early 50s. I had forgotten how much I like some of them. If only I could make them right now- as in, if only I could fit into them right now. But, I seem to expand day. I have a co-worker who has decided to call me "fatty". Ugh. But, it is all for a good cause.

Maybe next winter?

I need to finish my Regency pelisse so I can put up my sewing machine until after the move. Sewing goals, I have them. Though now it is becoming more of a moving goal. But, I figure the pelisse should hopefully be useful to me in the fall when a high waisted coat would be nice to have with my belly.
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