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So, the countdown is really starting to build. What is it? Two and a half weeks until the 20s ball and the 18th century tavern day? Well, I feel like I am going to make it (and not have to wear any part of a chain-mail outfit of shame).

Here's the update!

First, the 1920s.

My dress is, for the most part, complete. I still need to trim down the netting layer, and, if possible, add a bit of beading to it. That is kind of my "if I have time" then yay(!), but otherwise, it is ready to wear for the ball.


So, here it is in comparison to the original. I don't think I fared too badly, though it appears that as short as the upper skirt feels to me, it was apparently shorter on the original. Well, nobody needs to see me flash anyone, right? No embroidery (for now). I will most likely pick up a flower pin from H&M for my waist, just to jazz it up a bit more and give me a bit more colour (will be orange, hopefully like the orange in the necklace).

Ah, accessories.

I bought a pair of earrings off of ebay (well, that's where I got the necklace and the celluloid hair comb I'll be using. The earrings match very well with the dress. And I now wear my comb on a regular basis (truth, I actually bought two and wear both of them on a regular basis). As for my purse, I believe I will use the one that I got for free yesterday. It isn't from the 20s, but it is a vintage beaded purse. I was in a consignment shop yesterday with my parents and was pointing out this adorable wooden painted purse to my mom when my dad was like "how about this one?". Except, it didn't have a price. I asked and the lady was all "well, today is your lucky day! I'll throw it in for free with what you're buying (it was a scone pan)". So, we like free. Even if it isn't quite right. It is still big enough for my insulin pens. Yay! Oh, and don't want to forget, my American Duchess 23Skidoos!

What things look like

So, here is what the earrings look like and you can see a bit of my hair comb sticking out. I will most likely be wearing my hair something like this- although I should try to get some body in it.


My pretty earrings.

Purse & earrings

And, my free purse!

And then I have my 18th century outfit to build.

I have my stays done and a bum roll. My jacket needs eyelets and a stomacher. I'll pretty jazzed about my jacket, actually. It went together like a dream- even the sleeves (and I always say if I created a costume blog it would be called "I Suck at Sleeves"). And it was my first time working with stripes. And, for the most part, I believe I did a pretty good job matching them. Or at least I did the best I could as far as a talentless hack can get. The jacket fabric I got from a seat cover. Not too bad.

front of stays

So, here is are my stays from the front elevation.

back of stays

And, the back elevation (apparently, I could have made them slightly smaller- ah well, room to grow!).

jacket in progress

Before the sleeves were put in.

butt fluffer!

Is that the right look I'm going for as far as the "butt fluffer"? I know, so hard to tell without all the layers.

Lined jacket

And, my nearly finished jacket. I'm in love!

Tomorrow evening I am free! Yes, that's right. I dropped my pointe class. And, I really don't feel all that bad. Actually, you know it is a sign that maybe your dancing career is done when you are standing in class thinking to yourself "well, one class down, 39 (or thereabouts) left to go". Yeah, maybe I should just not do it completely. I'm sure it will get better. It just has to.

So, what should I sew tomorrow? My stomacher? Finish my first petticoat? Both? I'm going to be busy on Thursday night, so have to make a great effort to do something because I don't want to fall too far behind [ profile] mmebahorel in this whole getting ready for a double event weekend (exhausting!). Especially as I won't have Thursday or Friday of this week for anything. I still need to make 2-3 petticoats, my pockets, a cap, a fichu. It almost seems overwhelming, but, I know I can do it, right? At least my feet will look great with my American Duchess shoes even if the rest of me is falling apart.

Now, perhaps to bed as my parents are leaving at 3 in the morning and I said I would see them off.

Date: 2013-09-11 02:39 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Both outfits look great - plus fun accessories!

Date: 2013-09-11 02:50 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks! I've had a lot of fun putting it all together. Plus, hopefully soon I will be able to attend more 18th century events now that I actually have something to wear.

Date: 2013-09-11 05:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
And you'll have a pattern that fits - it's much easier to build a wardrobe once you have that!

Date: 2013-09-12 01:54 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You're way ahead. Life happened - this has been a shitty, shitty week in which no sewing has been accomplished as I've spent every night but Monday on paperwork or on the phone with my parents. (job stuff) So I'm not even bothering with jacket attempt number 2 until Sunday, as I want to spend tomorrow night attempting to get the petticoat hemmed.

It goes together fast, luckily, and I don't have to worry about pattern matching. I just need it to go together fast at the correct size.

Honestly, the last couple of days have been very Andrew F Jackson (life sucks, and my life sucks in particular).


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